October recipient of Co-op for Community

Owners, customers of Rising Tide Co-op donate to New Hope Midcoast

Mon, 01/03/2022 - 5:15pm

DAMARISCOTTA — Rising Tide’s October Co-op for Community Days (CCD) partner was New Hope Midcoast, Midcoast Maine’s only domestic abuse resource center, which has been open since 1981.

Every Wednesday, Rising Tide donates .5% of sales to an organization nominated and voted on by their 5,000+ owners. Rising Tide views this program as a way to both provide financial and in-kind support to community organizations, according to Rising Tide, in a news release.

In addition to a monetary contribution, Rising Tide helps CCD partners share information about their organizations each throughout the month through digital marketing, in-store communications, and meet-and-greets held each Wednesday. This additional component of the program was especially meaningful for New Hope Midcoast as October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a time when domestic violence resource centers work to bring awareness to the issue of domestic abuse while uniting community members together to work toward a healthier future.

Domestic violence is a social justice issue; it can happen to anyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, age, and economic status. Funding from the CCD program will support a range of services that often start with the New Hope Midcoast’s 24/7 helpline and extend to advocacy that includes legal services and housing support (emergency sheltering and transitional housing), support groups, and community presentations and trainings for a wide range of individuals.

According to the release, New Hope’s Legal Advocacy Director, Susanna Norwood-Burns, was pleased to learn how much Rising Tide member-owners supported the organization.

Community Prevention Educator Lori Loftin came to Rising Tide to educate customers each Wednesday in October as they exited the store. She noted how engaged each of the customers were: “Domestic abuse affects everyone so it’s especially gratifying to see so many people interested in this issue,” said Loftin. “When we educate our communities, we increase our reach and help to create a culture where control and aggression toward partners and family members no longer occurs.”

“Rising Tide is very appreciative of the work New Hope Midcoast does in this community, and looks forward to working with them next October, when they will again be the Co-op for Community partner,” said Rising Tide.

Rising Tide Co-op is a cooperatively owned grocery serving southern Midcoast Maine since 1978 and is open and welcome to anyone who wants to shop, regardless of whether they are a co-op owner or not. To learn more about Rising Tide Co-op’s work in our community, visit: https://risingtide.coop/