October Nor’easter batters Midcoast shoreline

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 9:30am

Every couple of hours throughout Wednesday night’s storm, the Rockland Harbor Master and Asst. Harbor Master made the rounds of the city’s shoreline inlets. 

The Wednesday night rain-driven nor’easter, Oct. 16 into Oct. 17, battered the coastline with gale-force winds, heavy downpours, and the occasional lightning flash during a storm that punched its way up the East Coast.

By approximately 8 a.m, the storm had sent eight boats adrift within Rockland’s jurisdiction, according to the Asst. Harbor Master. Two of those boats ran aground near Snow Marine Park. Others went adrift in the north part of Rockland. 

One boat owner was fortunate, according to the Assistant. During the night, the owner’s vessel broke from its mooring, but snagged against a buoy before it could run aground. The Harbor Master crew were able to take the vessel from the buoy and further secure it.

In the meantime, on land, firefighters, public works crews, and law enforcement officers throughout the county raced among downed trees in the road that were tangled with wires. 

In Thomaston, on Wadsworth Street, two downed trees blocked access to Cushing, forcing both fire departments to set up barricades on their sides of the bridge at Brooklyn Heights.


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