Oceanside High School invites professionals to participate in annual career day

Posted:  Tuesday, January 30, 2018 - 1:45pm

On Wednesday, March 14, Oceanside High School will again host a Career Day for approximately 500 students. Career Day supports students in exploring a wide range of careers by engaging with professionals in those fields. Oceanside is inviting professionals to participate.

There are a couple of ways to be involved in Career Day:

A) Participate in the Career and College Expo: Set up a display or a small, engaging, hands-on activity in the gym for four rotations of approximately 125 students each. Students will stop by and connect with representatives from businesses, schools, and nonprofits to explore careers and college majors. 

B) Lead a Career Breakout Session: Organizers are looking for approximately 20 organizations to teach or co-teach four 30 minute back-to-back interactive sessions about a particular career area. These sessions can use technology, outdoor space, demonstrations or any other hands-on activities or presentations that can be accomplished with 15-25 students in a 30 minute period. The purpose of the breakout sessions is to give students a taste of what it might be like working in many of the different careers in different fields. It is also helpful to connect educational opportunities with the careers presented.

To learn more and register, visit oceansidecareerday.weebly.com