Letter to the editor: Howard Robbins

Nobody wants this tower

Mon, 01/11/2021 - 8:30pm

Nobody wants this tower, except the third party real estate developer, Bay Communications, who is suing us because our Planning Board rightly rejected their plan for a cell phone tower on Main Street.

The real estate developer filed the suit three days after the the written rejection was issued, before the City Council had a chance to formally review the Planning board’s report. The timing of the suit by the developer speaks of contempt for due process in the City of Rockland administration.

As far as I know, nobody here knew we needed another cell tower in Rockland for anything. Sure, cell phone reception in Rockland is spotty, but that is normal in a low density small city like ours. I have heard reports that emergency radio used by police, fire and medical rescue services is also spotty, but not to the extent that it needs correction.

But nowhere have I heard of a real study by Rockland or anyone else citing any federal or state communications requirements with real numbers and possible real locations for a facility that would resolve these problems with radio communications here.  A real study by Rockland  as to whether we need this thing or not is where we should start.

The situation we are in now is ridiculous. We are being sued by a real estate developer because the Planning Board did its job in rejecting the proposal for a tower we may not have any requirement for. Last time I drove by the property there was still a for sale sign on it. Did we pay our lawyers yet? They have done a really lousy job of keeping us out of trouble.

Howard Robbins lives in Rockland