Letter to the editor: Connie Hayes

Nate Davis has balance and civility

Thu, 10/03/2019 - 8:15pm

Balance and civility are core qualities of Nate Davis.  I have known Nate and his wife, Chelsea, since they arrived in Rockland. He cares about a thriving Rockland.  I am impressed with his ability to see solutions that are beneficial to our City’s bottom line.  He is a quiet, strong, smart and kind person. He examines what makes a government run smoothly and efficiently. He is modest and a good listener. He steps up when he identifies a need.

He sees that many small steps toward a big goal can get you there. He is not rash or irrational. 

Over six years ago Nate and Chelsea (an RSU 13 School Board member) chose Rockland to live in at an important time in the planning life of Rockland.

They both communicate with long-time residents and value blending new and older views.  They encourage dialogue to arrive at solutions for the greater good. Nate understands that Rockland will be seeing and making changes and how important it is to prepare and identify what changes are good for Rockland. 

I fully support Nate Davis for our Rockland City Council. 

Connie Hayes lives inRockland