Midcoast students achieve University of Maine at Augusta spring 2020 Dean’s List

Tue, 07/21/2020 - 2:45pm

University of Maine at Augusta (UMA) Provost Joseph Szakas has announced the 2020 Spring Semester Dean’s List for full-time students and 2019-2020 Dean’s List for part-time students.

To qualify for the full-time Dean’s List, students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours of 100-level or higher UMA coursework (exclusive of pass/fail courses) and maintain a semester grade point average in these courses of 3.25 or higher, with no grade below C- in any of these courses.

UMA recognizes part-time students annually by naming them to a part-time Dean’s List. To qualify, students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours of 100-level or higher coursework (exclusive of pass/fail courses) during two consecutive semesters in an academic year (fall and spring); take no more than 11 credit hours of 100-level coursework in either semester, and achieve a combined grade point average of 3.25 or higher over the two consecutive semesters, with no grades lower than C-.

A list of full-time and part time students achieving Dean’s List status may be accessed via the following link: uma.edu/news/deans-list-announced-for-spring-2020-full-time-and-part-time-students. 

Knox County

Heather Hedberg, Appleton

Jamie Potvin, Appleton

Dustin Dyer, Camden

Creed Griffin, Camden

Karen Kindell, Camden

Celena Zacchai, Camden

Casey Benner, Cushing

Paige Colson, Cushing

Chris Chaffee, Friendship

Lexie Genthner, Friendship

Nathan Roberts, Friendship

Heidi Simmons, Friendship

Ali Zuber, Friendship

Jordan Brackett, Owls Head

Julie Gee, Owls Head

Mark Barley, Rockland

Mistydawn Bowen, Rockland

Marissa Heal, Rockland

Morgan Heal, Rockland

Jess Martz, Rockland

Eli Ranquist, Rockland

Rorie Short, Rockland

Chaya Stilson, Rockland

Brenda Thomas, Rockland

Sara Wandell, Rockport

Julia Batty, South Thomaston

Leah Ellis, South Thomaston

Aly Motta, South Thomaston

Cameron Gerrish, Tenants Harbor

Josh Blackman, Thomaston

John Grindell, Thomaston

Max King, Thomaston

Danelle Kruger, Thomaston

Shale Peters, Thomaston

Abby Veilleux, Thomaston

Nathaniel Small, Union

Emma Brooks, Warren

Lillian Lincoln, Warren

Rory McCaffery, Washington


Lincoln County

Patty Carriere, Waldoboro

Nikolas Cole, Waldoboro

Daryan Daniello, Waldoboro

Tyler Lee, Waldoboro

Molly Mclaughlin, Waldoboro

Shania Melvin, Waldoboro

Samantha Pelkey, Waldoboro

Tasha Readinger, Waldoboro


Waldo County

Sarah Duval, Belfast

Sarah Lahaie Fecteau, Belfast

Mary Weiss, Belfast

Alana Isabelle, Burnham

Chelsea Lydem, Burnham

Jenn Drew, Freedom

R.J. Botley, Lincolnville

Jeshua Ryan, Montville

Mark Lynch, Northport

Caleb Coffin, Palermo

Monica Gilbert, Palermo

Tina Cook, Searsmont

Nathan Nolting, Searsport

Kayla Raymond, Searsport

Lily Nickerson, Unity

Jean McIntyre, Waldo

Kyra Johnson, Winterport