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Midcoast Maine establishes new normal with a sense of grace

Sat, 04/25/2020 - 9:00am

    Maine is blessed this year with a slow, easy venture into spring, and Mainers, sensible and naturally inclined to being outside more than inside, are moving around, working, walking, running, hiking, taking drives.

    They are slowing down, waving to each other in a way that we haven’t seen since in a long time.

    Gardens are getting cleaned up in advance of planting. Boats are worked on.

    Houses, yards, business buildings and new libraries are painted, spruced up, built.

    It is a trying and anxious time, but Maine people are rugged and find innovative ways to muddle through troubles.  This is a collection, a repository of photos reflecting life on the Midcoast, in the time of COVID-19.

    We don’t know where the next weeks will take us, but we are in it all together.

    To the residents of local retirement communities whose doors are closed for safety’s sake, we send you greetings and all our love!

    To the hospital workers and EMTs on the front lines, thank you! 

    To teachers figuring out the best way to reach all their students via Zoom or other virtual classroom technology, we got your backs. It’s hard but the students need to hear you!

    Add your photos to a growing collection, and tell us what you are doing.

    Send them to, and we will chronicle these particularly historical days.

    A quiet Rockland Main Street, and not on a Sunday 6 a.m., in mid-March


    “Duty Calls.” Peter Rollins walked the snowy path to the Mt. Battie Tower, gas jug in hand, April 11, to fill the generator that powers the star. Sunset cast a warm glow on the backside of the tower. (Photo by Amy Rollins)