A hopeful new year: Pandemic Gallery VIII

Mon, 04/19/2021 - 7:30am

    When PenBayPilot seeded its first collection of photos snapped during the early days of the pandemic — those cold, raw days of March 2020 — little did we think that we would be, more than 12 months later, finding inspiration and solace in how we chronicle these times.

    But here we are, eight galleries later, with photographers from all over the Midcoast focusing on our communities, landscapes, families and friends, helping to record history.

    And it is now a hopeful new year, as the resilient Midcoast looks forward to a happy, healthy and safe 2021.

    This collection of submitted photos taken by residents and visitors to the state will join Tipping toward Winter, Maine establishes new normal with a sense of grace and Maine weathers a pandemic, Maine springs through a pandemic, Summering on through uncharted times, the Leaves of Change, Finding our Footing, a Hopeful new year, and A Wellspring of Hope.

    All these galleries have been built on the love people have for the Midcoast and the natural beauty of their state. The photographers are observant, creative and astute. They help capture our current days.

    Stay healthy, stay strong, and keep your cameras clicking!

    Generations from now, historians will be looking at your photos for glimpses of how humans coped during a pandemic.

    Send your contributions to news@penbaypilot.com, and we will chronicle these particularly historical days.

    The Pilot thanks you!