A mandolin to an autoharp: K2’s Acoustic Music Jam soothes winter spirits

Posted:  Saturday, February 24, 2018 - 6:15pm

CAMDEN – Local musicians and those who travelled a bit to get there gathered for a wonderful night of acoustic music at K2 Music in the Reny's Plaza Friday evening, Feb. 23. Lead by Rosey Gerry, the group took turns playing a featured number with the musicians joining in.

Mac Economy and Harvey Curtis, owners of K2 Music, were happy with the turnout despite the layering of sleet and ice that blanketed the Midcoast that evening.

There's just something about acoustical music and instruments. It soothes. You don't have an amplifier's edge, or the twinge of brass instruments. When all the strings vibrate in harmony, you vibrate a little too. 

Enjoy the videos. Put your feet up and settle back and listen to some good music.

Musicians who participated included Rosey Gerry, Doug Teel, Dave Foley, Jim Ostegard, Mike McFarland, Donna Ryder, Anne Danforth, Lise Belu, Kim Moran, Mac Ferris, Dean Parker, Matt Brown, Lynn Frye, Lee Dodge and Dusty Pease.