Letter to the editor: Erin Herbig is one of our most promising leaders

Sun, 06/03/2018 - 8:45pm

I am writing to urge people in my community to vote for Erin Herbig on June 12t and again in November.

As a clinical social worker who has worked with children and familiesin Waldo County since 1998, I have seen the public discourse deteriorate and regress to the point that it’s hard to find anyone in elected office who has the ability to articulate their point of view, AND the good manners, temperament, and skill to work across the aisle with equally determined members of the other party.

I have been so very impressed with Erin’s ability to do both! Erin has an unwavering and unabashed conviction for what she believes in, as well as remarkable professionalism and respect for people who may have different views. Despite what seems to be an ever-growing toxic environment in Augusta, Erin has managed to improve the lives of ALL Mainers, young and old, wealthy and poor, local or from away, with fairness, respect and insight!

Anyone would be hard pressed to find a candidate who is woven more solidly into the history and day-to-day fabric of Waldo County, while also managing to be laser-focused on making tough decisions about how best to invest in our future. We have not had enough of these qualities in our elected officials at the State or Federal level, and

Erin is one of our most promising leaders who can keep us moving forward, with honor, civility and intelligence.

Ezra Kreamer lives in Belfast