a letter from Sheriff Tim Carroll

Knox County Sheriff’s Office: 2020 accomplishments to continue into 2021

Sun, 01/03/2021 - 2:30pm

At this time of year, it's good to reflect. 2020 is on its way out, thankfully, and we are ushering in 2021, but somethings don't change and that is the mission of the Knox County Sheriff's Office. 

The members of the Knox County Sheriff's Office are committed to making Knox County a safe place to live and are dedicated to the protection of all that we serve. We endeavor to provide exceptional law enforcement service, free from prejudice or favor, with leadership, integrity, and respect. 

Here's a few ways we accomplished those goals in the year 2020:

Knox County S.O. has delivered 32 5-gallon buckets to our Sand for Seniors program already this winter.

We worked through the Knox County Triad program to protect seniors from scams.

We delivered more Meals on Wheels food packages and participated in food drives this year because COVID kept some from being able to make deliveries.

We continued work on programming to help those coming out of our jail to be more successful in rejoining the community. With the help of a grant, we hired a former local legislator and continued work with the Knox County Recovery Collaborative to help with setting up services for those being released from incarceration that include: employment, housing, healthcare, and transportation. Our goal is to reduce the return to jail rate, and we have seen it work successfully in other Maine counties.  Our partnership with Waldo County is critical in this effort.

We finally have two deputies on the islands – one on Vinalhaven and the other on North Haven who feel welcome in those communities and are already making positive gains in forming relationships and trust there.
The Knox County Sheriff's Office is wishing you a happy and safe new year and know that we are here for you if you need us.
Sheriff Tim Carroll