Knox County Registry of Deeds, Jan. 3-9

Thu, 01/13/2022 - 12:00pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded from Jan. 3-9 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


    Frank A. Vietze to Lisa Mossel Vietze

    Eileen O’Neil to Homes Unlimited, LLC and E and T Homes, LLC

    Shawn Patrick Moran to Christopher Carpentier


    Margaret Shook Cleary and Donald Joseph Cleary to Donald Joseph Cleary and Margaret Shook Cleary

    David B. Stratmann and Shawn Erica Stratmann to David B. Stratmann Trust, Shawn Erica Stratmann Trust and Stratmann Living Trust

    Thomas D. Hopps Estate to Elizabeth D. Noble and Brendan H. Riordan

    Eric H. Kangas to Mark Lutz

    David Avrohm Halperin Estate and Gayle P. Halperin Estate to Saree R. Ptak Trust, Gayle Halperin Family Trust and David Halperin Estate

    Sharon Staz Estate to Jeffrey James Weymouth and Maria E. Weymouth


    Richard Loman and Susan Loman to Jeremy Engel and Shilanna Gallo


    Barbara W. Campbell to Eric L. Campbell


    Laurie L. Webber, Derek E. Webber and Lindsay K. Harlow to Laurie L. Webber, Derek E. Webber, Kelly M. Webber, Bryce L. Harlow and Lindsay K. Harlow

    North Haven

    Guy W. Hurd to Glen Marquis

    Owls Head

    Mary C. Tolles and James M. Tolles to James M. Tolles Trust, Mary C. Tolles Trust and James and Mary Tolles Living Trust

    John I. Harlow to Elmer Thompson and Florence Thompson

    Michael D. Hyland Trust, David G. Hyland Trust and Hyland Family Irrevocable Trust to Willard J. Boynton and Jacqueline L. Boegel


    Mid Coast Habitat for Humanity, Inc. to Kathryn Rhodes

    Cleveland A. Kennedy to Joseph William Chasse Jr.

    Joseph G. Labranche Jr. to Joseph R. Labranche

    Patricia S. Henrikson Estate to Stone Road Corporation

    Kristine M. Petrich, Jeffrey S. Pendleton, Pamela T. Pendleton, Patricia A. Ames and Patricia Anne Ames Pendleton to George V. Baus Jr. 

    Andrea A. Kelly to Ryan M. Kelly

    449 Main Street, LLC to Rockland Realty, LLC

    435 Main Street, LLC to Rockland Realty, LLC

    RBG Holdings, LLC to Good Call 43, LLC


    Campbell Property Management, LLC to Lappin Properties, LLC

    Catherine McInturff to Shirley R. Johnson

    St. George

    Peter B. Archibald to Richard Lachance

    John Baumeister III Trust, Helen Marian Baumeister Trust, John Baumeister III 2004 Revocable Living Trust and Helen Marian Baumeister 2004 Revocable Living Trust to John Baumeister III and Helen Marian Baumeister

    Maurice N. Guimond and Betsy L. Hippensteel to Chadd G. Hippensteel and Julia A. Guimond


    Lanphere and Son, LLC to Knox Capital, LLC

    John F. Pilch to Gordon Bruce Fay

    Steven L. Faller to Steven A. Zizza and FI and E, LLC

    Anita L. Dearborn to Daniel L. Dearborn, Matthew J. Dearborn and Isaac S. Dearborn


    Valerie A. Brown to Gilleyanne Y. Davis-Oakes

    Robert J. Wheeler to Tanya Robishaw and Jeremy Robishaw

    Tanya Robishaw and Jeremy Robishaw to NJR Rental, LLC


    Joanne L. Kenniston to Darren Jon Kenniston and Theresa Marie Kenniston

    William C. Kinnane to William C. Kinnane and John M. Petersen

    Michael L. Kinnane to William C. Kinnane and John M. Petersen

    Lynne Hansen Tallberg Estate to Derak James Tallberg and Kirk O. Tallberg

    Patrick O’Donnell to Gage E. Robinson

    Bruce and Sandra Kumpf Revocable Trust, Bruce C. Kumpf Trust, Sandra L. Kumpf Trust, Chester L. Warren, and Cheryl M. Warren to Nancy M. Knobbs and Brian D. Knobbs

    Beth Edwards to Beth Edwards Trust, David Edwards Trust and Edwards Living Trust

    Edward B. Grinnell, Jr. to Katherine A. Miller and Susan L. Simmons


    Gerald B. Bartlett Estate to Marlene M. Bartlett

    Ski House 141, LLC to Arthur W. Roberts and Brooks B. Crane

    Rock Maple Holdings, LLC to Rock Maple Land and Forest, LLC

    Rock Maple Holdings, LLC to Rock Maple Land and Forest, LLC


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