Knox County divorces

Mon, 05/02/2022 - 7:15pm

    ROCKLAND — The following divorces were finalized in Rockland District Court from Dec.- March.

    Scott W. Farley of Washington and Anna M. Farley of Union, married Aug. 20, 2005, in Warren.

    Sarah Carolyn Haskell of Warren and Lewis George Haskell of Warren, married Oct. 2, 2010, in Martinsville. She will change her name to Sarah Carolyn Newman.

    Heather Ann Perkins of Warren and Dennis Allen Perkins of Warren, married Aug. 25, 2013, in Warren. She will change her name to Heather Ann Meservey.

    Ronald S. Young of Morrill and Susan J. Young of Alpine, Calif., married Jan. 13, 1996, in Las Vegas, Nev.

    James M. Flynn of Lincolnville and Kathleen L. Flynn of Appleton, married Aug. 13, 1988, in North Attleborough, Mass.

    Kent A. Ford of Laconia, N.H. and David A. Parlin of Camden, married in Evanston, Ill. No date of marriage was stated.

    Eben S. Polky of St. George and Candice A. Carpenter of Sabattus, married Oct. 27, 2018, in Woolwich.

    Lynn M. Higgins of Warren and Samuel Higgins of Warren, married June 12, 2010, in Northport. She will change her name to Lynn Marie McDonald.

    Serena A. Morrison of Hope and John Morrison of Hope, married May 24, 2001, in Arlington, Va.

    Kurt A. Ward of Warren and Lauren D. Ward of Warren, married Jan. 1, 2012, in Camden. She will change her name to Lauren Patricia Pinkham.

    Cornelius A. Yetman of Hope and Monica H. Shields of Hope, married Sept. 29, 2007, on North Haven.

    Stefani Mank of Union and David A. Mank of Spring Valley, Calif., married June 1, 2013, in Hope.

    Lindsay L. Carr of Washington and Casey L. Carr of Washington, married Oct. 18, 2003, in Warren.

    William L. Orne of Stuttgart, Germany and Naomi H. Orne of Burlington, Vt., married Feb. 14, 2018, in Rockland.

    Jeremy W. Flint of Union and Sarah P. Flint of Union, married Sept. 16, 2006, in Hope. She will change her name to Sarah P. Norwood.

    Dean Stacy Dyer, Jr. of Rockland and Denna Rae Hewlett Dyer of Appleton, married July 13, 2018, in Appleton. She will change her name to Denna Rae Parece.

    Thomas K. Higbee of Owls Head and Dorothy A. Butterfield Higbee of Owls Head, married Oct. 21, 1996, in Boulder, Colo.

    Bryant M. Urban of Rockland and Naiylah Medina of Durham, N.C., married July 21, 2017, in Seattle, Wash.

    Christine M. Littlehale of Tenants Harbor and Nathanial R. Littlehale of Pownal, married Oct. 31, 2020, in Rockland. She will change her name to Christina Marie Giggey.

    Michelle A. Worthley of Thomaston and Edward J. Worthley of West Rockport, married Sept. 15, 2012, in Union. She will change her name to Michelle A. Caron.

    Tara Mae Barker Hixson of Camden and Joshua Hixson of Northport, married June 12, 2004, in Harpswell. She will change her name to Tara Mae Barker.

    Jennifer L. Bealmer of Hope and Nathan M. Bealmer of Rockland, married May 3, 2014, in Moberly, Mo.

    Lou Cindy A. Laukka of Warren and Terry Allan Laukka of Warren, married Aug. 2, 1974, in Warren.

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