Knox County deed transfers

Posted:  Monday, October 30, 2017 - 10:30pm

RocklandThe following deed transfers were recorded from Oct. 9-13 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Toni L. Ward, John E. Ward and Toni L. Desisto to Gregory Skafidas and Amanda Skafidas.


Shirley A. Achterhof Estate to Carol A. Achterhof, Paul Achterhof and Alan Achterhof.


Travis L. Conway and Toni J. Conway to Andrew R. Gallace.

Bettina F. Sullivan Dobbs Estate and Bettina Dobbs Estate to Jason R. Dobbs.

Paul L. Alley and Heidi M. Alley to Tyler Drew Peters.


H. Wynne James III and Emily T. James to David K. Dahl and Kathryn K. Dahl.


Zoe Foster, Dylan Fuller and Janet L. McCoy to Freeland M. Ackert, Robert Ackert and Ruby Ackert Herzig.

North Haven

Edward M. Collins to P. Michael Salvatore and Rosario Murphy.

P. Michael Salvatore and Rosarion T. Murphy to Edward Collins.

Virginia Lamont Cazedessus to Douglas R. Lamont, Elisabeth Lamont Wolcott and Thomas S. Lamont II.

Owls Head

George W. Graner, Mary Graner and Mary E. Graner to George W. Graner and Mary E. Graner.

Christopher M. Condon and Victoria W. Condon to Stephen Sweigart and Paul Heffernan.

Port Clyde

Nancy H. Norris to Dennis Cushman and Rosemary Cushman.


Quinton Grady Minor Tr. and Quinton Grady Minor Revocable Trust to Eva M. Mueckstein.

Robert W. Talbot and James R. Barger to Compton E. Ward, Mary Elizabeth Ward Juno and Diana Elizabeth Wuerthner.

Barbara L. Perkins Est. to Glenn K. Johnson, Jennifer M. Wass and Eric C. Wass.


Jean Condon to Jean A. Condon Trust.

Gilbert F. Lane Jr. to Samuel Charles Patterson II and Savanna Patterson.

Bonnie Hinkley and Gary Hinkley to William Robert Walther and Lynette Lee Walther.

Shirley P. O'Keefe, Edward J. O'Keefe, Shirley P. O'Keefe Tr., Edward J. O'Keefe Tr., Shirely P. O'Keefe Revocable Trust and Edward J. O'Keefe Revocable Trust to Edward J. O'Keefe Tr., Shirley P. O'Keefe Tr., Shirley P. O'Keefe Revocable Trust and Edward J. O'Keefe Revocable Trust.

St. George

Kathleen Van Dyke, Leslie J. Larson and Douglas Benton Harris to Kathleen Van Dyke and Douglas Benton Harris.

Nancy H. Norris to Dennis Cushman and Rosemary Cushman.

Priscilla Adams Smith to Priscilla Adams Smith Tr. and Priscilla Adams Smith Family Trust of 2017.

Anna B. McCoy to Sandra Lynn Cadigan.


Marcia W. Soule Estate to Ryan M. Soule.

Dexter Hannan Estate to Trudy M. Hannan.

Muriel Irene Heath Estate to Alan Heath.


Buckley Smith to Bowen A. Smith.

Buckley Smith to Brady A. Smith.

Harbor Wharf LLC to Walter A. Day.


Willard D. Pease to Kathleen L. Bellmore, Abby Bellmore Garrison, Jeffrey Bellmore and Jeffrey Belmore.

Jeffrey Bellmore to Willard D. Pease.

Mobius Inc. to Howard R. LaFlamme and Virginia A. LaFlamme.