Knox County deed transfers

Wed, 07/10/2024 - 10:45pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Knox County Registry of Deeds July 1-5.  


    Nicholas H. Brown and Shaunna Welch to Shaunna Margaret Welsch Brown Tr., Nicholas Hoyt Brown Tr. and Shaunna and Nicholas Brown Living Trust.


    Robert G. Widen to Robert G. Widen and Denise C. Widen.

    Joanne S. Baumrind to Evan Lattimore and Jane E. Lattimore.

    Donald Albert Rossiter Est. to Garth Wells and Jenny Tobin.

    Diane Kimball Steele and Diane K. Kimball to Diane Kimball Steele, Bruce Steele and Diane K. Kimball.

    Shaunna M. Brown to Shaunna Margaret Welch Brown Tr., Nicholas Hoyt Brown Tr. and Shaunna and Nicholas Brown Living Trust Dated May 9, 2024.


    Todd C. Barter Est. to Douglas M. Blasius

    Friendship United Methodist Church and Charlotte Gulezian Tr. to Stacy Simmons, Lydia Simmons and Gregory Simmons.


    Matthew Brown and Alanna Brown to Matthew A. Brown Tr., Alanna B. Brown Tr. and Brown Living Trust Dated June 26, 2024.


    Sarah Dolan Price to James Sheppe.

    North Haven

    Douglas A. Stone and Charlene A. Stone to Dagmar Richter.

    Douglas Stone and Charlene Stone to Priscilla L. Cobb, Sara Q. Cobb Tr., Amanda Cobb Tr. and Elsie Q. Cobb Trust.

    Priscilla L. Cobb Tr., Sara Q. Cobb Tr., Elsie Q. Cobb Trust and Amanda Cobb Tr. to Douglas Stone and Charlene Stone.

    Edwin A. Thayer Est. to Raymond L. Thayer Tr., Edwin A. Thayer Estate Supplemental Needs Trust and Ruth W. Thayer.

    Raymond L. Thayer Tr., Edwin A. Thayer Estate Supplemental Needs Trust and Ruth W. Thayer to Deborah Thayer Langley and Linda Thayer Haskell.

    Owls Head

    Annie Higbee to Owls Head Realty LLC.

    Sharon R. Royers and Richard P. Royers to Richard P. Royers Tr., Sharon r. Royers Tr. and Richard P. Royers and Sharon R. Royers Trust of 2022.


    Carlos A. Salzar to Wayne Zysk.

    Karen M. Krzyska to Paul Tobis and Karen M. Krzyska.

    Howard Crocker Jr. to Calvin Perry Berting and Kathleen Heather Stanley Berting.

    Angela Benjamin to Russell I. Worcester Jr. and Mae A. Eischens Worcester.

    Sarah Greene Reed and Christopher A. Bean to Lauren Bellamy Miller and Justin Hugh Miller.

    Vicki Jo Smith to Lauren Raye Lewis Tr. and Vicki Jo Smiht Irrevocable Trust.

    Diane E. Gifford to Susan Young.


    Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to Matthew M. Abbitt and Elizabeth G. Abbitt.

    Scott E. Bickford to Brandie A. Bickford.

    Ryan Watts and Tonya Holt to Pitch Tender Ventures LLC.

    Douglas Meehan to Rona Flippo, Tara Flippo, and Tyler Fox.

    Olin T. Clark and Susan F. Clark to Robert D. Sayre.

    Susan O. Karp Tr., Susan and Robert Karp Living Trust, and Robert K. Karp Tr. to Robin R. Shelgren Tr. and Robin R. Shelgren Revocable Trust.

    St. George

    Marguerite S. Baum Tr., Joseph R. Baum Tr., and Joseph R. Baum and Marguerite S. Baum Joint Revocable Living Trust to Jeffrey S. Boulet and Maeve C. O’Regan.

    Billie J. Gaudette and Paul E. Gaudette to Jessica Jean Gaudette Tr., Gabriel Paul Gaudette Tr. and Billie and Paul Gaudette Irrevocable Trust.

    William J. Knowlton to Sweet Fern Properties LLC.

    South Thomaston

    Matthew Brown and Alanna Brown to Matthew and Alanna Brown Irrevocable Trust and Reuben M. Brown Tr.

    Michael Webber and Jasmine Webber to Ronald F. Webber and Deirtra A. Wing.


    Carolyn B. Rasmussen Tr., Jeffrey A. Twitchell Tr., and Carolyn B. Rasmussen Living Trust to Carolyn B. Rasmussen Tr., Jeffrey A. Twitchell Tr., Carolyn B. Rasmussen Living Trust and Jeffrey A. Twitchell Living Trust.

    Wesley O. Benham and Erika E. Benham to Steven Dorsey and Michelle Dorsey.

    Meghan Ecker and Meghan McNally to Kai Schrami and Sonja R. De Boer.


    Kendra Bergelin, Kendra Jade Bergelin, and Kendra Jade Thomas Bergelin to Michael A. Leclair.

    Mikala J. Walton to Kimberly H. James.


    Anthony J. Viola and Filippa S. Viola to Flippa S. Viola Tr., Viola Living Trust and Anthony J. Viola Jr. Tr.

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