Knox County deed transfers

Sun, 03/31/2024 - 3:00pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Knox County Registry of Deeds March 25-29.  


    Stuart W. Young to Heather L. Wilmot.

    Lloyd R. Linscott, Lloyd Linscott, and Beth F. Linsott to Megan Kirkpatrick.


    Camden Place LLC to Islandport Holdings LLC.

    Madison Trust Company Cus and Peter L. Kalajian to Peter L. Kalajian.

    Kevin S. Chapin and Dawn M. Chapin to Jules Opton and Priscilla.


    Town of Cushing to Benjamin Poland.

    Matthew S. Poland, Matthew Poland, and Danika Poland to Danika Poland and Matthew S. Poland.

    James Nyce and Jane Nyce to Salty Moose Realty LLC.

    Salty Moose Realty LLC to James Nyce and Jane Nyce.


    Arnold H. Benner to Rebecca J. Benner and Derek J. Benner.


    Carl P. Stoddard to Amity E. Stoddard.


    Bretton Marasco to Michael Marasco.

    North Haven

    Alexandra K. Hodges to Nicholas Burlingham and Camille Burlingham.

    Owls Head

    Rita Mary Barnes to Stacia Kozidis and Jordan T. Adams.


    Patricia J. Earnest to Kolton R. Nielsen.

    Bernard Blum to Shirley L. Frist Tr. and Shirley L. Frost Revocable Trust of 2009.

    Kingdom Trust Co Cus IRA 16017298 to John Swears and Brenda Stetson.

    Scott W. Freeman, John R. Freeman, and Jason R. Freeman to Willard Neuert.

    Michael T. Gallagher, Karen L. Sprague Gallagher, and Karen L. Sprague to Brian Gantick.

    James Leach to Bergon Investments LLC.

    Nathan Chamberlain and Tammy Tyler to Julie Winslow and David E. Winslow.

    Richard Tower Harris Est. and Richardd T. Harris Est. to Richard M. Grey.

    Harvey J. Rockburn and Frances K. Rockburn to Harvey J. Rockburn, Frances K. Rockburn, and Brenna Katherine Herridge.

    ADF Inc. to ADF Inc.

    ADF Inc. to Jesse Kivel and Jeffrey Brodsky.

    Diane G. Drinkwater and Holly M. DeYoung.


    Linda J. Vaughn Est. and Maine State of DHHS Con to Jessica Bliss Bouchard.

    Penobscot View Grange No. 388 and Patrons of Husbandry to Maine State Grange P of H.

    Alan S. Johnson Est. to Dwight A. Johnson and Eric E. Johnson.

    Michelle J. Gallant and Karl L. Enroth to Stacy J. Fulea and Radu S. Fulea.

    Martha White to Mid Coast Habitat for Humanity Inc.

    Kenneth W. Arey Est. to Edward Sargent.

    Donald Gagnon and Candance Gagnon to Michael Hershberg and Lauren Engel Hershberg.

    Bernard J. Poulin Tr., Diana M. Poulin Tr., and Diana and Bernard Poulin Family Trust to Lenora Pi Lan Chu and Robert James Schmitz.

    St. George

    Elizabeth Louise Kallio Est. to Julie A. Schwalm.

    Matthew J. Cotton and Martha A. Cotton to Fairy Field Real Estate Trust, Martha A. Cotton Tr., and Matthew J. Cotton Tr.

    South Thomaston

    Jennifer L. Eldridge and Joshua L. Eldridge to Jennifer L. Eldridge Tr., Joshua L. Eldridge Tr., and Eldridge Trust.


    Frances June Curtis Est. and Francis J. Jaget to Timothy J. Walsh III.

    Amber L. Nuite to Joshua Paul Howard and Samantha Lynn Abbott.

    Richard Tower Harris Est. and Richard T. Harris Est. to Richard M. Grey.


    Dawn Renae Conary Est. to Dale Landrith and Alyssa Landrith.


    Eric McAllister and Jennifer McAllister to McAllister Revocable Trust, Eric S. McAllister Tr., and Jennifer L. McAllister Tr.


    Duane P. Vigue to Taylor A. Peasley.

    Mark E. Blauvely Est. to Daniel P. Blauvelt, Lois Blauvelt, Andrew J. Blauvelt, Amber Cornelison, and Elizabeth A. Blauvelt.

    Judson Colby and Chayann Colby to Judson Colby Real Estate LLC.

    Duane P. Vigue to Catherine M. Vigue.

    Duane P. Vigue and Catherine M. Vigue to Catherine M. Vigue.

    Reach Sarah Shepherd