Knox County deed transfers

Thu, 11/03/2022 - 9:45pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Knox County Registry of Deeds Oct. 24-28.


    Nathan D. Beck and Jessica M. Beck to Afton A. Sinclair Holland, Jamison C. Holland, and Afton A. Sinclair Holland.

    Lanphere and Son LLC to Ken Chipman and Jennifer Chipman.


    Carol Mae Miller to Jennifer A. Miller. (death deed)

    Town of Camden to Darlene M. Richards and Duane C. Richards.

    John C. Rixon and Mary J. Kelley to Mary J. Kelley Tr., John C. Rixon Tr., and 26 Harbor Road Realty Trust.

    David L. Akers Est. to Michael D. Akers.


    Mary Borden Hall Bok to Mary Borden Hall Bok Tr. and Mary Borden Hall Bok Trust 2000.


    David J. Hudon to Samuel Ace Winchenbach and Lindsey Meghan Gray.

    Mark L. Dumont to Christina Lee Smith.


    James Li, Kim Newby, and Spotted Duck Revocable Living Trust to James Li, Kim Newby, Eric Snyder, and Mia Branco.

    Owls Head

    Ronald E. Murray to Michael J. Mulhern and Martha A. Mulhern.

    Donna A. Hopkins to Mark R. Peterson and Jenifer N. Peterson.

    Karin Cadzin to Carla B. Cadzin. (death deed)


    Lawrence A. Brooks and Kay F. Brooks to Jarrett A. Feyler.

    Daniel A. Gushee, Daniel Gushee, and Diane C. Gushee to Cynthia Hillgrove.

    Set Back LLC to Nancy S. Bolte.

    Frank P. Solari to Robert Dreher.

    North Star Properties LLC to Christopher M. West and Kimberly R. Tahincioglu.

    Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC Atty, US Bank National Association Tr., Truman 2016 SC6 Title Trust, Norman K. Wildes, and Winifred M. Wildes to US Bank Nation Association Tr. and Truman 2016 SC6 Title Trust.

    Dewey C. Curtis and Arianna A. Curtis to Mark Bernard Alicandro and Mark Bernard Alicandro Revocable Trust.


    Kay F. Brooks to Lawrence A. Brooks and Kay F. Brooks.

    Louis F. Silvestri and Karen E. Silvestri to Jacqlyn Young and Peter Currie.

    Laura L. Freeman to Olin Farrior and Megan Farrior.

    Benjamin M. Hilt to Emma Rose Gross.

    Kim M. Bernard and Christos V. Calivas to Barrie E. Valley.

    Justin C. Mazur and Jessica R. Mazur to Justin C. Mazur Tr., Jessica R. Mazur Tr., and JCM Living Trust.

    Patricia C. Kelly Living Trust Agreement and Patricia C. Kelley to James R. Deangelo and Nancy J. Deangelo.

    Southern Venture LLC to Cecil A. Runge Tr., Cecil G. McLaughlin Charitable Remainder Unitrust Number Two, Cecil A. Runge, Zach Deangelo, and Cecily Deangelo.

    Bruce Daniels and Kathleen Daniels to Sean J. Daniels and Sarah K. Daniels (death deed)

    Irene Green Murphy to David S. Dyer.

    Kristian F. Burgess and Sarah E. Burgess to Brian J. Kurlychek, Samantha A. Zilaro Kurlychek.

    John R. Cooney Jr., Michele S. Cooney, John Russell Cooney Jr., John R. Cooney, and Michele Sasur Cooney to Michele S. Cooney and John R. Cooney Jr.

    Arthur S. Merrow and Susan D. Merrow to Susan D. Merrow and Arthur S. Merrow.

    St. George

    Glenn E. Hall Est. to Lucinda M. Hall.


    Noreen M. Mellor to Noreen M. Mellor and Randall Frost.


    Elise M. Kaserman, Arthur E. Allen, and Margaret A. Kaserman to Aleida M. Lester.


    Timothy B. Dyer Est. to Cynthia C. Dyer.

    Cynthia C. Dyer to Justin W. Newton.

    Cynthia C. Dyer to Shannon R. Dyer.

    Cynthia C. Dyer to Leslie Dyer.

    Susan H. Lawrence and David T. Lawrence to Mark Nicholas Van Praag and Nadja Van Praag.


    Ian Clark and Erika Clark to Leland E Boggs II and Valerie R. Boggs.

    Leland E. Boggs II and Valerie R. Boggs to Ian Clark and Erika Clark.

    Russell F. Smith and Marion B. Smith Trust and Carrie Sue Stevenson Tr. to Roland J. Cantin Jr. and James J. Delaney Jr.

    Joseph F. Krejsa and Kimberly M. Krejsa to Safe Haven Trust, Joseph F. Krejsa Tr., and Kimberly M. Krejsa.

    Valerie R. Boggs and Leland E. Boggs II to Leland E. Boggs II, Valerie Boggs, Leland E. Boggs III, and Robin E. Boggs.


    Susan R. Rossetti and Susan Racket to Wade S. Barlett.

    Charles Merle Vanner to Elizabeth C. Vanner.

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