Knox County deed transfers

Sun, 06/06/2021 - 7:00pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded from May 31-June 4 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


    Rae I. Perry Est. to Bruce B. Perry.

    Craig. C. Nash to Bruce B. Perry.

    Bruce B. Perry to Lauren Sansonetti.

    Nicholas M. Garnett and Shawna M. Garnett to Richard J. Hebert III and Kimberly L. Hebert.


    Bernie Rawdan to Rebecca M. Twaddel.

    Anne M. Doan to Camden Center LLC.

    Michael Koryta and Christine Koryta to Pleasant Ridge Homeowners Association.

    Sarah E. Doudera and Sarah Elizabeth VanHorn to Matthew M. Doudera and Sarah E. Doudera.


    Hall Family Limited Liability Company to Jacob Brackett.


    Jennifer May Delano to Christopher Lloyd Delano.

    Emma Virginia Starrett Est. to Jane M. Wallace and Larry W. Wallace.

    Christopher Robert Delano Est. to Christopher Lloyd Delano and Jennifer May Delano.

    Steven A. Stetson and Cynthia P. Stetson to Timothy T. Thompson.

    Dustin Delano to Dorothy E. Davies and Tina L. Claydon.


    Bruce B. Perry to Owen T. Carlson.

    Rae I. Perry Est. to Bruce B. Perry.

    Matthew M. Doudera to Sarah E. Doudera and Matthew M. Doudera.


    Michael S. Clark to Michael Mullins.

    Philip Myers Jr. and Raeberta Myers to Patricia J. Luchetti.

    Tisha L. Gagnon to Tisha Gagnon and Deborah Pelkey.

    Donald W. Prescott to Robert P. Matheson and Katrina Nicole Perttula Matheson.

    Pacific Premier Trust Co Cus, Michael J. Mulhern IRA and Pacific Premier Bank to Michael Mullins.

    Karen E. MacDonald Tr. and Kem Revocable Living Trust to Natalie B. Harlan and Andrew B. Berman.


    Priscilla T. Crockett Est. to Joyce A. Smith.

    Broham Properties LLC to Lawrence K. Kelley III.

    John R. Galley to Eric John Pier and Vincent Santos Martinelli.

    Christine E. Davies to Phil Banigan, David Banigan, Ryan Banigan, Sean Banigan and Marilyn Banigan.

    Linda L. Settle to Raymond Manjone and Darlene Manjone.

    Rebecca E. Eilers and Raymond Plotnick to Anthony F. Muri and Janet H. Muri.

    St. George

    Root Estates Inc. to Ellen C. Burgess and Michael E. Doyle.

    South Thomaston

    James A. Slayton to James A. Slayton and Lynn M. Slayton.

    Phillip Young, Suzanne M. Young and Phillip J. Young Sr. to Darryl Flagg and Stephen Flagg.


    Nancy Wood to Carrie Ponte.

    Buffy A. Rousselle, Roland P. Rousselle and Anne Marie Rousselle to Fennylicious LLC.

    Alfonse C. Impallomeni Est. to Diane Impallomeni.


    Mildred H. Grindle to Garrett E. Alley.

    Alfonse C. Impallomeni to Diane Impallomeni.

    Audrey M. Griffin Est. to Martha P. Jackson.


    Rachel B. Noyes and Perry T. Boyden Jr. to Stephanie Cooper and David Cornelius.

    Richard D. Baker Est. and Sally Anne Baker Est. to McAvoy Reitmayer Real Estate LLC.

    Marion Tolman and Richard G. Tolman to Courtland Tolman.

    Carl B. Erickson Jr. to Christopher P. Cunningham Sr. and Sarah K. Cunningham.


    Alfonse C. Impallomeni Est. to Diane Impallomeni.

    Verona Steinmeyer and Verona F. Steinmeyer to Laura Harvey and Elijah Harvey.

    Anthony E. Vigue and Linda T. Vigue to Laura Williams, Michael Williams and Elinor Klivans.

    Audrey M. Griffin Est. to Patricia O’Connell and Dale C. Griffin.

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