Knox County deed transfers

Mon, 07/06/2020 - 11:00pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded from June 22-26 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


    Evan M. MacDonald and Gail A. MacDonald to Lillian Frances Strong and Howard Coy Lacey.


    Sean Patrick Shortall to Rolanda L. Klapatch.

    Daniel R. Cates and Kimberly P. Cates to Hugh R. McKellar.

    Jane N. Bernier to Joseph A. Milano and Rose Milano.

    Robert S. Brustlin and Kathryn M. Brustlin to Brian W. Wickenden and Harvest M. Wickenden.

    Haynes Building Management LLC to Elana Jadallah.


    Robert A. Doyle Estate to Valerie Pietrowicz and Scott Hoeflich.

    Paula McCarter Page and Paula MCC Collins to Lorraine Polak Tr and Lorraine Polak Trust of 2006.


    Carolyn B. Pease, Carolyn N. Pease, and Ronald F. Pease to Carolyn B. Pease.

    Owls Head

    Duane A. Veldman and Leah J. Veldman to Christopher S. Kellett and Ada E. Kellett.

    Troy L. Marriner to Alan D. Marriner.


    Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and Servicelink LLC Attorney to Rodney Richard Mayhorn.

    Samuel D. Murfitt to MSM Holdings Inc.

    Paul H. Farmer and Richard E. Farmer to Eric Peabody and Renee Peabody.

    Stephen Decato and Mary Ellen Decato to Sarah K. Butler Tr and Sarah K. Butler Revocable Trust.


    Maxine M. Stanley Estate to Matthew A. Dinsmore.

    Patrice Baumhardt to Morgan C. Cuthbert and Christina M. Cuthbert.

    Carmel J. Ouellet to Carmel J. Ouellet Tr and Carmel Ouellet Living Trust.

    Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to Jodie Bartnicki.

    Michael G. McDonough and Mary L. McDonough to George Moreau.

    St. George

    Jerry Peterson and Janice Snaith to Amy M. McLeod, Jessica C. McLeod, and Jonathan W. McLeod.

    South Thomaston

    William G. Butman Jr and Joanne L. Butman to John E. Butman.

    Kathleen L. Sierakowski Estate to Samuel D. Murfitt.

    Michale Kalinowski and Fanny Kalinowski to Michael F. Kalinowski Tr, Fanny X. Kalinowski Tr, Michael F. Kalinowski Revocable Trust, and Fanny X. Kalinowski Revocable Trust.

    Margaret L. Kalloch Estate to Cinda Kalloch Rogers and Stewart D. Rogers.

    TD Bank NA to Harold James Flachsbart and Laureh Beth Flachsbart.


    Bobbi J. Young and Christopher J. Young to Phyliss E. Wiggin.

    Leslie Sheard to Craig H. Sheard.

    Peter Q. Jenks and Emily A. Jenks to Eric Jacobsen and Kristen Jacobsen.


    Howard J. Hall and Kathleen B. Hall to Steven H. O’Brien and Kathleen M. O’Brien.

    Jeffrey Payson to Aidan Sullivan and Hailey Sullivan.

    Marianne Bockli, Marianne Geer Bockli, and Marianne Geer Bockli to Benjamin Borkan and Lydia Arey Hall.


    Darryl Flagg to Dylan J. Botbyl.

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