Knox County deed transfers

Sun, 06/09/2019 - 11:30pm

ROCKLANDThe following deed transfers were recorded from May 27-31 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Pamela K. Smith to Pamela K. Smith Tr. and Pamela K. Smith Revocable Trust.

Arthur Kirklian to Arthur Kirklian and Wendy M. Kirklian.


Robert A. Stone Tr., Robert A. Stone Revocable Trust, Elaine P. Stone Revocable Trust and Elaine P. Stone Tr. to Stephanie Primm.

Stephanie Primm to Karen Christensen.


Suzan F. Ludwick to Monica Gallagher.

Abigail A. Laukka Hardy and Jonathan Hardy to Charles B. Colson and Valda J. Colson.

Town of Hope to Keith A. Ludwig, Mary L. Warren and Mary L. Ludwig.


Janet L. Moynihan and Robert F. Moynihan to Robert F. Moynihan.

Owls Head

Joseph M. Glenn to Lauren G. Pascale and John M. Bartlett.


Larry K. Beck Estate to Sabatino Scattoloni.

Louise Kearly Estate to Benjamin M. Baudanza Sturks and Whitney L. Baudanza Sturks.

City of Rockland to Dana Henderson and Joy Rodrigue.

Lisa V. Collins and Jacob Collins to Kayla Fairfield and Devin J. Fairfield.

Devin J. Fairfield to Micah J. Carle and Shania L. Carle.

Douglas A. Stone and Charlene A. Stone and Kingdom Trust CO Cus. to IRA 16017298.

453 Main Street LLC to Heather Bernier and Peter Bernier.

Daniel O. Espana and Cherelle M. Fong to Michael Ayers and Debby Rubenstein Ayers.

Gloria M. Stein and Gloria Stein to Gloria M. Stein Tr. and Gloria M. Stein Revocable Trust.


Shmuel D. Ashkenasi to Shmuel Ashkenasi and Elena Mihaela Ionescu Ashkenasi.

John Ray Pace and Joyce R. Pace to Jane Silak.

Shawn Patrick Moran to Anna E. Jones and Jon W. Merritt.

McBride Clam Cove LLC to Nancy F. Proefke and Edward A. Proefke Jr.

Pamela J. Gay to Carolee Hatfield and Steven Hatfield.

Maine Media College to Robert S. Dwelley.

R. Daniel Ford to R. Daniel Ford Tr. and R. Daniel Ford Revocable Trust.

Town of Rockport to Carl Small.

Conservation Limited Development LLC to Coastal Mountains Land Trust.

South Thomaston

Stephen T. Bade and Peggy L. Bade to Patricia A. Ritchie Tr., Dolores T. Baigini Tr. and Dolores T. Biagini and Patricia A. Richie Trust.

St. George

Benjamin J. Maxwell and Elaine A. Maxwell to Kenneth Mark Green and Margaret A. Moran.

Charles A. Amundson to James B. Wyeth Tr. and James B. Wyeth Revocable Trust.

Susan E. Polky and Randy L. Harvey to Andrew Jacob Harvey and Nichole Renee Harvey.

Anne H. Faulkner to Ann H. Faulkner, Amy L. Domini Tr., Wendy S. Holding Tr. and Anne H. Faulkner Revocable Trust.

Sara Leavitt Goldberg and Barry J. Goldberg to Sara Leavitt Goldberg Tr., Barry Joseph Goldberg Tr. and Sara Leavitt Goldberg 2019 Revocable Trust.

C. Eugene Ernest and Carlyn M. Ernest to Michael D. Skinner Tr., Pamela G. Skinner Tr. to Skinner Family Trust.


Richard Custis Webster to Richard Custis Webster.

Carrien J. Brezzo to Carrie J. Brezzo and William Thomas Quackenbush IV.

Daniel J. Bryant Est. to Steven D. Powell and Linda S. Powell.

Jean B. Chadwick and Florine P. Bryant to Steven D. Powell and Linda S. Powell.

Robert O. Lewis to Anthony Gallace.


Cornerstone Investment Properties LLC to Erik A. Aasen and Christal Lee Carrier.


Brian E. Ames to Frank W. Demmons and Doris W. Demmons.

Javier Penalosa and Ellen K. Penalosa to Javier Penalosa Tr. and Penalosa Family Trust.


Keith Barrows and Janis Barrows to Chelsea L. Wedge and Prescott P. Brackett.

340 Main St. LLC to Chad S. Attwood.

Jonathan A. Burns and Patricia A. Burns to Steve Kangas.


Nancy R. Broderick to Michael E. Roy.

Steven C. Roy to Michael E. Roy.

Constance Russell to Michael E. Roy.

Peter M. Underdown to Richard A. Handfield and Deborah A. Handfield.

Barbara A. Ludwig to Stanley J. Holloway.

Brenda Anne Buja to Daniel Miller and Meagan Miller.

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