Knox County Criminal Docket closed cases

Sun, 06/19/2022 - 9:30pm

    ROCKLAND – The following cases were closed in Knox County Unified Court from June 1-13.

    Matthew J. Bradley, 39, of Portland, trafficking in prison contraband in Warren July 13, 2019, dismissed.

    Clancy Collins, 30, of Warren, probation violation on a previous conviction of unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs in Thomaston April 4, 2018, 25 months in prison, probation revoked.

    William Deane Jr., 45, of Lincolnville, domestic violence criminal threatening in Friendship May 11, 2022, four months in jail; violating condition of release in Friendship May 11, 2022, dismissed; refusing to submit to arrest or detention, physical force in Friendship May 11, 2022, dismissed.

    Thomas C. Dickens, 33, of Lincolnville, failure to register vehicle in Camden June 11, 2019, $100 fine; attaching false plates in Camden June 11, 2019, $100 fine.

    Matthew Donaher, 37, of Appleton, obstructing the report of a crime in Appleton May 13, 2022, dismissed.

    Kathleen A. Dullea, 57, of Camden, allowing minor to possess or consume liquor in Camden on June 11, 2021, dismissed.

    Shane Elwell, 35, of Camden, probation violation for original conviction of domestic violence assault, with priors, in Rockland July 27, 2018, four years in prison with all but six months suspended, probation two years.

    Dustin Hubbard, 30, of Unity, probation violation for original conviction of operating under the influence (alcohol), two priors, in Appleton Dec. 16, 2017, 90 days in jail, probation partially revoked, probation continued.

    Ian Kennedy, 45, of Nobleboro, operating under the influence (alcohol), two priors, and operating vehicle without license, both in Owls Head June 7, 2021, both dismissed.

    Andrea Merrifield, 38, of Hope, domestic violence assault in Hope Feb. 10, 2021, dismissed.

    Isaiah S. Stone Patterson, 25, of Rockport, operating under the influence (alcohol) in Rockland June 5, 2021, dismissed.

    Heath R. Smith, 43, of Rockland, dangerous dog complaint violation in Rockland April 26, 2021, $1,000 fine.

    Nicole F. Wallace, 34, of Owls Head, operating while license suspended or revoked in Rockport May 7, 2021, $250 fine.

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