Kathryn Elizabeth Latta, obituary

Fri, 04/05/2024 - 4:45pm

ROCKLAND — Kathryn Elizabeth Latta passed away Tuesday, March 19, 2024 after an extended illness. People who loved her dearly were there with her, holding her hands and kissing her face.

Kathryn, affectionately known as Katie, was born in Durango, Colorado, September 12, 1995, to Patrick and Teri Latta, and the world would never be the same.

Katie began her life in Maine several years after her birth, when she ventured cross country with her father, Pat, and “Uncle” Kevin, where they settled in Rockport, near Katie’s grandparents. Katie lived with her father, and frequently spent time with her grandparents, some of that time was spent on boats and sailing, establishing her clear and strong love for all things ocean.

She attended Camden Rockport schools and graduated from Camden Hills Regional High School. She also completed the CNA program at MCST and worked as a CNA for several years. When she was just 14 she underwent a major surgery at Maine Med for scoliosis. Rods and screws were placed from her lower back all the way to her neck to correct the curvature in her spine; a scar ran along her entire spine, a silent reminder of not only her strength and courage but, also of the pain she endured daily, for rest of her life.

In early elementary school Katie met Emily at her Daycare program. The bond was immediate, and spread beyond Emily and Katie to include Jack and then Henry when he arrived, and eventually the rest of the extended families. Love and trust grew quickly, and Emily became Katie’s “Maine Mom”…a relationship formed that was confusing to many, even more confusing (but usually comical) to explain, but one of the most significant and important relationships in both Katie’s and Emily’s lives. Katie spent a lot of time with Emily, Jack and Henry, living with them at times. Those days were the greatest, spent outside, doing art, cooking, or watching “Matilda” or “Andre”. Emily and Katie enjoyed “prom dress shopping” season every year starting with her 8th grade formal. Katie and the boys were so close that at around the tender age of 5 or so, Hen was shocked and dismayed when he was informed that Katie was NOT, in fact, his biological sister. She loved those boys so much, and they her.

Katie…. Was…SMART, BEAUTIFUL, precocious, clever, willful, brave, charming, emotional, mischievous, hilarious, loving, kind, assertive, nurturing, protective, generous, caring, feisty, talented and ornery. She was so many things, all of us saw different versions of Katie at different times, but who we want to remember- who we want Kali and Dylan to remember- was – KATIE! Passionate and loud, but fragile and quiet. She loved and felt everything so deeply- she loved with her whole heart; so unfortunately it was easily broken, and life was often difficult, something I think we can all relate to…. But because of that special heart, she was a special person…

Katie was the girl that would give you the shirt off her back; she was the mama spraying sunscreen on kids that aren’t hers at the beach or handing out the extra snacks she brought for the kids that didn’t have any. The one making mac n cheese and veggies with ranch dip when you’ve had surgery. Texting in the middle of the night to make sure you’re ok because she’d had a bad dream (or wanted your play dough recipe). But then Katie was also the girl that would threaten to beat you up if you messed with her kids, her siblings, or her Mama. If she was hungry, she wouldn’t ask for any food, but she might get a little grumpy, ok, REALLY grumpy, or she’d cry, if you knew her well, you knew to get some food into her before it was too late.... Those of us who knew her well knew to keep snacks on hand. She hated asking anyone for anything, but would cross oceans to help those she loved. She was proud, she wanted to work, and she wanted to be independent.

One of her favorite things when she was younger was going to Portland or Boston to go shopping with Emily. Their shared love of all things beautiful and shiny made these trips expensive, but worth every penny. Just like with anything else she’d never ask for anything, but also like anything else, she was always happy and grateful no matter what she got. She was one of those kids you wanted to spoil….And again, she always cried after. Katie was fiercely protective and wildly proud of ALL of her siblings, whom she spoke of daily. She missed every single one of them every single day, and took any chance she got to brag about them and whatever they were up to. She recently had a dream come true when her little sister Angelene flew out to see her.

The absolute loves of Katies life were Dylan Patrick Latta and Kaliopy Kathryn Emily Latta. The best days of her life were the days her children were born, she was just a naturally nurturing, caring, and loving Mama, and took motherhood very seriously. As soon as they were born her life revolved around them; to witness her with her babies was to witness a mothers pure and true love.

Katie was predeceased by her grandmother, and namesake, Kathryn Latta, whom her father always wished she’d met, many years ago. She was left behind by several friends, but one in particular that left an emptiness that she could never quite fill. While she still enjoyed life with her loved ones and babies, I believe the loss of Lindsay was especially difficult for Katie and she carried the heavy weight of that sadness with her always.

Katie was loved by many and leaves behind many. Her children, Dylan and Kali; her father, Patrick Latta of Thomaston; her mother, Teri Bailey; her mama, Emily Chandler of Rockland; her grandparents, Thomas and Carol Latta of Rockport; her siblings, Angelene Kaupp, Greyson Kaupp, Emily Kaupp, Jack Scanlon and Henry McAlister; close friends who were chosen family, Kevin and Jolene Mulvihill, Chris and Erin Darnell, Chris and Katrina Coakley, Lucinda Benedict, Brittany Gracie, Suzanne Minzy, Lara Meadows, Mike ‘Ski’ Jurkowski; her family at Archers and many more.

Katie was truly a beautiful girl, then woman and mother, inside and out.

We love you Katie, and we will never stop missing you. Our hearts are broken. You DESERVED the love, you deserved the beautiful shiny things, you deserved the beautiful shiny moments.

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Arrangements are in the care of Burpee, Carpenter & Hutchins Funeral Home, 110 Limerock Street, Rockland.