Joe Biden wins Presidential race as Pennsylvania puts him over the top

Sat, 11/07/2020 - 11:30am

    As the clock struck 3 a.m. on the nation’s eastern coast Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, a winner had not been called in the U.S. Presidential election between incumbent Republican Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joseph Biden, a former U.S. Vice President. 

    And no winner was identified by the time the nation sat down for its morning cup of coffee Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday with several battleground states still tallying ballots amid more than 101 million votes being cast nationwide ahead of Election Day, according to University of Florida political science professor Michael McDonald. 

    Just before lunch Saturday, the Associated Press called the race for Biden after calling the Pennsylvania race in his favor, and called Nevada in Biden’s favor about an hour later. 

    As of Saturday morning, the Associated Press has not called the races for Alaska, Georgia and North Carolina. 

    By midafternoon Wednesday, the AP made a race call in Wisconsin in favor of Biden. Early Wednesday evening, the AP called Michigan for Biden leaving the Democrat six electoral votes away from the needed 270 to win the election. 

    In other states closely watched, Trump secured Florida’s 29 electoral votes and narrowly claimed Texas’ 38 electoral votes, according to race calls made by the Associated Press.

    Trump claimed one electoral vote in Maine’s Second Congressional District with the other three Maine electoral votes allocated to Biden. 

    Arizona, meanwhile, with 11 electoral votes, was called for Biden by the AP, a flip for the former vice president. 

    On the topic of flipping, Biden won Nebraska’s Second Congressional District, according to the AP, which flips a district Trump won in 2016. The remaining four votes in Nebraska were awarded to Trump, the AP noted. 

    Biden holds a 290 to 214 advantage, per the AP tally. 

    By individual vote count, as of Saturday at 11 a.m., Biden leads 74,847,834 to 70,591,531, according to the AP.