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Jan. 11 Busline League basketball results

Posted:  Friday, January 11, 2019 - 10:45pm

The Busline League continued regular season play for middle school basketball on Friday, Jan. 11 across the Midcoast and several local schools were in action. 

Below are the scores and statistics from those games as reported to our sports department. 

7th Grade Girls Basketball: Medomak 16, Troy Howard 7

Troy Howard held a 2-0 advantage after the opening quarter and the score was even at 4-4 at the halftime pause. Medomak held a 10-7 lead after the third quarter. 

Scoring for Medomak were Kaylee Kurr (two points), Eliza Luce (eight), Sara Nelson (four) and Melissa Fogg (two). 

Scoring for Troy Howard were Cloey Smith (six points) and Ada Curry (one). 

8th Grade Girls Basketball: Medomak 45, Troy Howard 24

Scoring for Medomak were Quinn (12 points), Madi (10), Addison (two), Chelsea (eight), Emily (11) and Trishelle (two). 

Scoring for Troy Howard were Faulkingham (two points), Batty (six), Goodwin (eight), Hamlin (two), Hashey (two), Littlefield (two) and Doold (two). 

“Cindy and Rachel are playing big minutes for us in intense situation and have been playing great,” said Medomak coach Celia Philbrick. “They work very hard and I am so happy with the way they have been stepping up and working hard.”

7th Grade Boys Basketball: Medomak 46, Troy Howard 30

Medomak held quarterly advantages of 15-4, 28-7 and 43-15.

Scoring for Medomak were Zan Nguyen (15 points), Aaron Reed (11), Connor Benner (seven), Landon Trask (six), Landon Tapley (three), Slavick Moody (two), Nelson Weeks (two), Kory Donlin (two) and Finian Kelly (two). 

Kolby Staples, Sullivan Bartlett and Henry Gamage all contributed in a very team oriented win.

Scoring for Troy Howard were Ben Osborne (eight points), Ethan Abbott (seven), Eli Veilleux (five), Jacob Linelof (three), Cole Clark (two), Curtis Littlefield (two) and Sam Duvall (one). 

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