Islesboro Select Board advocates for Mack Point if wind port is located in Penobscot Bay

Thu, 05/25/2023 - 7:45pm

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mack point
Mack Point
Searsport, ME 04974
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    At a regularly scheduled meeting Wednesday, May 24, the Islesboro Select Board adopted the following statement about siting an offshore wind manufacturing, assembling and launching facility in Penobscot Bay:

    “The Islesboro Select Board applauds our State Government’s vigorous response to climate change and offshore wind research. Bills currently before the Maine Legislature, including LD 1895 and others, recognize that responsible offshore wind projects should proceed without further ecological harm that would exacerbate climate change (and thereby undermine the central offshore wind goals of reducing carbon emissions, producing affordable electrical energy and providing workforce benefits).

    “Proposed offshore wind projects require manufacturing, assembling and launching the turbines at a dedicated, purpose-built facility, sometimes referred to as an offshore wind marshalling hub.

    “The Islesboro Select Board understands the crucial importance of applying strong, proven environmental standards and existing state and federal policies to siting and construction of manufacturing, assembling and launching facilities, or offshore wind marshalling hub.

    “Applying the above, developers of any offshore wind marshalling hub, including any project by the State of Maine, must (1) ensure that the least environmentally damaging plan is pursued, (2) favor repurposing outdated industrial and/or energy sites for the proposed facility, (3) avoid damaging undeveloped and ecologically significant locations, and (4) consider impacts on wildlife and fisheries.

    “This leads the Islesboro Select Board to conclude that, if any such offshore wind facility is to be built in Penobscot Bay, it should be built at Mack Point.”

    The Town of Islesboro plans to send copies of this statement to Legislators and other municipalities in the region.