Letter to the community

Islesboro school returns to full schedule in April

Fri, 04/09/2021 - 3:30pm

    Dear ICS Community, 

    Islesboro Central School (ICS) staff, students, and families have endured a long and bumpy road together. After months of challenges, uncertainties, and close calls, we have finally come to a point where we feel it is safe to return to a five day schedule for all students. Presently Grades K-5 attend five days a week. At our recent school board meeting, the administration recommended ICS return to a full time schedule while continuing with staggered starts and releases. Additionally, the recommendation includes the elimination of remote learning.

    Accommodations will be made for students unable to attend in person due to medical complications or who are quarantining. The school board voted unanimously to begin the proposed plan on April 26th, the Monday we return from April break.

    The decision to transition to an expanded schedule was not made lightly. It is based on multiple factors including vaccination availability, data from the CDC, and a growing concern for the social and emotional well being of our students. ICS staff and administration are eager for the return of our students and feel confident that it can be accomplished safely. All CDC and DOE recommendations and guidelines will continue to be implemented. Ultimately, returning to full time school has been the goal throughout the pandemic and we are excited to finally provide some normalcy to our students and their families. We thank our community for their continued support and understanding. We look forward to the return of our students and plan on having a strong finish to the school year.


    Chuck Hamm
    Head of School
    Islesboro Central School