‘Our deepest gratitude is extended to the teacher/parents at home’

Islesboro Central School honors its graduating Class of 2020

Fri, 05/08/2020 - 12:15pm

    Islesboro Central School’s Principal Chuck Hamm has submitted the following regarding end-of-year plans 

    Islesboro Central School will hold it’s last formal day of remote learning on May 27, with May 28 reserved for final celebrations in lieu of our traditional field day.

    Our School Board, as well as ICS’ Teacher Association, voted in favor of ending our classes early in order to focus on several initiatives through the middle of June.

    The majority of staff and families polled support the decision. Meals will continue to be prepped and delivered to island students until June 10.

    Students who need additional assistance in meeting standards or remediation of grades will continue working with teachers until June 10.

    Students and families who request an extension of structure and support will have the option of continuing their contact with classroom teachers.

    Parents should contact their children’s individual teachers if they would like continued guidance or scheduling. Laptops will be collected prior to summer vacation.

    Graduation will be held on June 7, as previously announced. Plans are underway and will reflect past traditions as closely as possible following guidelines set forth by Maine’s CDC and DOE.

    The remaining weeks of the school calendar will give teachers and staff the time necessary to continue support of students and firm up plans to reopen in the fall.

    Given these extraordinary times, we will prepare for several contingencies, including a continuation of remote learning.

    Schools across the state have much to analyze, reflect upon, and plan. Families will also need time to rest, heal, and prepare their own contingency plans.

    With great pride, I report ICS has served our students and honored our commitment to public education to the very best of our abilities throughout this pandemic.

    Parents and guardians have worked diligently in partnership with ICS staff on multiple levels.

    Our deepest gratitude is extended to the teacher/parents at home as we recognize all educators throughout Teacher Appreciation Week.

    Be kind and remain Islesboro strong


    The Islesboro Central School Class of 2020

    Jasper Loudon

    Rylee Sienkiewicz

    Patrick Kehoe

    Abi Martin

    Olivia Kelly

    Mariah Richards

    CJ Abbott

    Finnian O'Malia

    Ava Schlottman