Pies, lobster rolls, cinnamon buns....

Indoor United Farmers Market in Belfast full of delights

Posted:  Sunday, October 1, 2017 - 7:45pm

BELFAST – Unique as far as farmers markets go, the United Farmers Market in Belfast, on Spring Street, is a feast of produce, with even an indoor sunroom that serves as a cafe where visitors can sit and break bread with others. The market offers indoor stalls filled with vendors and wide aisles to stroll the buildings interior. 

There is nothing cramped and hurried about this market. From a cup of coffee to lunch or a sweet pastry, soaps, linens and flowers there really is something for everyone.

Paul Naron, who owns and operates the United Farmers Market, said the indoor, year-round market with a diverse common area.

"Initially it was a little hard to convince people," he said. "And now they are coming to us. There is a waiting list. This is our first season, we opened May 27."

United Farmers Market has not yet been open for a winter season, but expectations are high.

The robotics team from Searsport District High School was on hand demonstrating robotics skills to the onlookers.

Under the direction of Geoff Cyr, who is lead mentor, the Midcoast Mainiacs Robotics Team involves students in grades four through 12.

"What you're seeing us do is some last minute repairs on our robot from last season,” he said. “We're hoping we can get our name out more to the community and we are looking for people who might be interested in being a mentor for our team."

Cyr said the sturdy robot was built for the rigors of last year’s challenge.

"We are trying to fill an airship with gears and fuel to get it ready for flight," he said. "We collect gears and in the last 30 seconds of the competition the airship drops a rope and we have a mechanism on the robot that attaches to the rope and climbs."

Allison Drinkwater and Sadie Samuels are from Rockport. Sadie operates Must Be Nice Lobster Company.

"I've been here since May and there are great vendors and wonderful people who come through here all the time," Samuels said. "I sell a lot of lobster rolls here. It's been pretty successful."

Drinkwater said both of them grew up in Belfast and went to Belfast High School so it's part of their community.

"I don't do any wholesale because I catch all the lobsters myself and pick all the lobster meat myself," said Samuels. "I'm a commercial fisherman out of Rockport and I only do this on Saturdays. Friday I haul the traps and go straight to the commercial kitchen to pick the meat. I make the lobster salad and then come here on Saturday to sell it to people."

Samuels said they sell out almost every week.

Bob Perol is The Pie Guy, from Unity.

"I do all sorts of fruit pies and others," he said. "I get all my fruit from the Amish community in Unity. The crusts are very old fashioned, traditional, hand rolled crusts with butter and lard so it's the real thing."

Perol said he also makes cinnamon buns and donuts and brownies and quit a large assortment of goodies. Though all his goods are produced in Unity he sells them at the market.

The United Farmers Market is open on Saturdays only from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.