Imperative that all voters know what representatives are doing in the House before they vote

Fri, 07/01/2022 - 9:00pm

My name is Stephen J. Hemenway, a retired Deputy Sheriff of 32 years, currently living in Northport, producing a national family educational public access tv show called "The Children's Corner," which is also on Youtube. 

I decided a few month's back to leave my little retirement "safe zone" and run for State House Representative for District 39. 

Why would I do such a thing? 

It wasn't the 2019 expansion of renewable energy laws that are currently devastating miles of woods with toxic and caustic solar panels that discourage fall tourism revenues or the now current LD 2003 law that allows developers to build low income housing, aka "projects" in the suburbs. 

It was the 2021 law, LD 864, which was sponsored by my opponent, Jan Dodge.  

The sponsored bill attempted to take away parental and guardian rights to watch or listen to what’s being taught to a child when being remote instructed (over the internet.  

This bill was ultimately amended to take out this language in order for it to pass, however, between the decision to present and vote yes for LD 864 as it was originally intended, coupled with the above bills she also supported, the question of judgement comes into play.  It is imperative that all voters know what their representatives are doing in the House before they vote! 

I do not support Jan Dodge and hope to win this seat on November 8.

Stephen J. Hemenway lives in Northport