Subway break dance troupe busts some seriously talented moves

Here's something you won't see in Maine (no subways)

Tue, 06/04/2013 - 9:15pm

    BROOKYN, N.Y. — While down in New York City on some biz-ness last weekend, I was coming back from Manhattan when I caught this break dancing troupe busting it out big time. They were a bunch of guys ranging from their teens into their 20s, who call themselves 3WayStreet Entertainment — and they were just as funny as they were talented.

    "We're available for parties, weddings and divorces," they announced over a loudspeaker before each one began to show off their individual moves in a loose cypher. And man, this weekend in NYC broke some heat records, it was digustingly hot. And these guys were performing, with few breaks, in the 90-degree heat of a subway station.

    Check out the video of their amazing performance. I bring it to the folks of the Midcoast because, while it may not be something you get to see everyday (given the lack of subways in the area), it is most definitely skill, art and beauty-in-motion. The closest we've got to this locally is Kinectic Energy Alive's dance studio in Camden — authentic breakdancing taught by Kea Tessyman. If you missed my initial article on her, refresh yourself on what "Popping, krumping, waacking and breaking" is all about.

    To find out more about 3WayStreet Entertainment, visit them on Facebook or contact them at


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