Governor delays requirement to renew seafood dealer licenses

Mon, 04/06/2020 - 10:15am

    AUGUSTA — Governor Janet Mills has issued an Executive Order that delays the requirement for Maine seafood dealers and processors to renew their license, according to a news release. 

    The Executive Order, issued April 1, provides temporary economic relief by postponing the required fees for annual license renewals for two months, from April 1 until May 31.

    “This Executive Order reflects my strong commitment to Maine’s seafood dealers and processors who represent a critically important driver of Maine’s economy,” said Governor Mills.

    The order applies only to those license holders who are renewing a license. Dealers and processors who are applying for the first time still must apply for required licenses and pay applicable fees if they intend to begin operating on or after April 1.

    Licenses included in the Executive Order are wholesale dealer, wholesale with lobster, wholesale supplemental, shellfish transportation, shellfish transportation supplemental, lobster transportation, lobster transportation supplemental, lobster meat permit, lobster processor.

    “Maine’s seafood dealers are facing unprecedented challenges right now with the collapse of domestic and global markets,” said Commissioner Keliher. “This Executive Order will provide much needed relief for dealers and processors by deferring a significant expense for a sector of the industry that accounts for two thirds of the value of Maine’s seafood and makes sure harvested product gets to market.”

    According to a recent study by Colby College Professor Michael Donihue, Maine lobster dealers and processors alone contributed more than $967 million to Maine’s economy and supported over 5,500 workers in 2016, the release noted.