Letter to the editor: First Congregational Church of Camden members and staff

Frontline heroes: May you be safe, may you know our love and appreciation

Tue, 12/22/2020 - 1:00pm

It is with profound respect and gratitude that we offer our deep appreciation to essential workers.  Thank you, one and all. For your endless months of frontline heroism in the face of the deadly Covid enemy. For your duty, commitment, and caring for all - whether providing healthcare, food, safety, mail, education, cleaning, heat, water, public health, science, and all the essential needs of your neighbors and community as the pandemic has raged.

We salute your strength and caring. We honor your professionalism and commitment to providing for others. We are grateful for your compassion, your selfless aid to one and all, despite the risks to you and your family. We laud the development and distribution of vaccines, and the promise for a far better tomorrow in which we can safely be together.

And, so, especially in this season of hope, we turn to prayer and lift you up for all you have done and will do as our frontline heroes. May you be safe. May you know our love and appreciation.

The members and staff of the First Congregational Church of Camden