directly available to parents and students

Free online challenging educational assignments available with PBL Lounge and Deeper Learning Pavilion

Sun, 05/17/2020 - 9:30am

    PBL Lounge and Deeper Learning Pavilion, a free online resource for project-based learning, is building and offering quality and fun educational content for teachers and instructional coaches. 

    “Are your kids or grandkids bouncing off the walls during the pandemic,” ask the site’s creators, one of whom is Debra Hall, of Rockport. “We have an educational (and free) way to keep them occupied and intellectually challenged. Every day we hear our colleagues express concerns that their children and grandchildren are being given too little challenging educational assignments during this pandemic period.”

    The Pavilion is partnering with Virginia schools, providing quality-vetted K-12 content.  But the creators also want to share with parents and students, directly.

    “We wanted to make it directly available to parents and students to access so that your kids and grandchildren in other districts and states don’t lose precious time and their quality education continues,” they said.

    There are more than  40 topic areas provide more than 400 links to fun, authentic, educational content that will, “encourage children and grandchildren to want to tell you about their explorations around the dinner table,” they said.

    For example, below are four of the 40-plus educational projects:

    Origami - Both Math & Art
    Explore how a Japanese folding art, based on geometry, has contributed to health breakthroughs, as well as robotics, architectural and aerospace applications. And learn how to do it as well.

    Drawing, Understanding & Memory
    Most of us think we can’t draw, but graphic visualization teaches us how to draw our notes in class or during business meetings. Learn to communicate better. Double recall by doodling your notes instead of writing them!

    Morse Code, Music & Art
    Kids love a secret code. Provide them the tools to learn Morse Code and how it can be found hidden in music and art.

    Math-based Sculpture
    Math can be dull and boring but not when you learn to identify the sequence that repeats all around us in nature (seed heads, pinecones, fruits and vegetables). See how a Stanford professor / artist creates spiral geometry blooms using The Golden Angle.

    New learning is being added every day. Visit PBL Lounge and Deeper Learning Pavilion