Five Town Little League addresses possible start for 2020 season

Tue, 05/12/2020 - 2:45pm

    The following was shared by league officials at Five Town Little League: 

    Last week, we announced our plan to open limited baseball, softball, and tee ball activities at some point after June 1 — the date the Governor believes some of the COVID-19 public health restrictions may be eased.

    Here’s a quick update on our plans for Little League in 2020.

    We have requested approval from the State and asked for specific instructions as to how we can safely provide Little League programs for children in the Five Towns community. The State has told us that it will soon publish a “checklist” that will spell-out everything community sports programs must do in order to receive permission to open-up after June 1. We are hopeful that the State will soon authorize us to start baseball, softball, and tee ball activities and provide a clear list on requirements for our volunteers, children, and parents to follow.

    We jumped the gun a bit in announcing specific dates. But please know that we’re still using that “after June 1” as our movable target. We will set firmer dates once we get the go-ahead from the State. Please note that we will not do anything without express approval and endorsement from our state public health officials.

    In the meantime, please get out and enjoy this fine spring weather. Throw the ball around and get excited for what’s next.

    Thank you for your patience and support.

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