First Church in Belfast, UCC moves forward with steeple lighting project

Sun, 12/26/2021 - 7:00am

The First Church recently invited members of the church and the community to help raise funds for the installation of new lights in the First Church steeple or bell tower. The Church projected a cost of $4,356 for the lights and installation. It received 10 donations and has enough funding to move ahead with the steeple lighting project.

“Thank you to all who donated toward this cause,” said First Church, in a news release. “We hope that as soon as we can purchase the lights that we can get them installed so that the First Church steeple can once again shine forth as a beacon and reminder of the love and compassion we are all called to put at the center of our lives.

“God’s blessings on all, a very merry Christmas to everyone, and may the light of this season shine out of each one of us!” said the Church.