tuition-free college courses for juniors and seniors

Enrollment open for Early College at UMA Rockland

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 4:30pm

Story Location:
91 Camden Street
Rockland  Maine
United States

ROCKLAND — Local juniors and seniors are encouraged to enroll tuition-free in college courses for the fall term at UMA Rockland. Known as “High School Aspirations” these students earn both college credit and high school credit to meet graduation requirements.

The University of Maine System and the Maine Department of Education are partners in waiving tuition for all qualified high school students.

High school students most often enroll in courses which meet general education requirements that will transfer into colleges no matter the student’s path. According to UMA Rockland Director, Deborah Meehan, in a news release, early college students typically enroll in the following academic areas: English, math, biology, psychology, communications and history.  Meehan noted that UMA Rockland serves more than 60 early college students in a given semester.

“Although we prefer for these students to take in-person classes, there are many distance education options, including online courses,” Meehan added, “despite all of the options, we think attending class in real time with other University students offers the best experience.”

She noted that these high school students form relationships with other college students and University faculty which are valuable in their development and in planning for their futures.

“Taking early college classes is a great way to increase student motivation and aspirations,” she said. “This experience can often be the launching point for young students to begin to plan their futures. They gain confidence and begin to see possibilities beyond high school. And, in the long run, they save many tuition dollars.”

Interested students are encouraged to call (596-6906) or visit the UMA Rockland Center on the 4th floor of the Breakwater Building on Route 1. Staff will guide students through the simple enrollment process.

University classes start September 3.