Downward spiral with Camden postal service culminated with abrupt closure

Fri, 03/10/2023 - 2:30pm

I was happy to see news reporting on the Camden Post Office where I have been renting a box for years. One reason for keeping a box in Camden is because of chronic mail box bashing in rural areas. I watched over the years the efforts of my neighbor resetting his mailbox many times. I had enough of that.

This past year I’ve observed a downward spiral with postal service in Camden culminating with its abrupt closure. During the summer I was walking my dog past the loading dock area and saw scant construction activity. One day I observed a guy shoveling a small pile of bricks into a wheelbarrow. One day there was no evidence of anyone there so when I called Heather Adams (the Postal Representative named in the notice posted on the door) I was told that a plumber was somewhere in the building.

My response to her was, “so because of one plumber, hundreds of Camden residents must drive to Rockland?”

I’m retired from the construction industry in the Boston area and believe I have reasonable expectations about how work is done and completed within agreed upon schedules. Also, my experience with any project government or private would include signage posted on the construction site naming the construction managers, as well as subcontractors. None of which is present on this project.

I’ve had some conversations with other Camden residents that agree there is something very wrong going on in Camden, and that starts with a complete lack of transparency and accountability. This is how conspiracy theories start.

Paul Ducharme lives in Florida and in Camden