Letter to the editor: Eric Greiner

Despotism in Rockland?

Tue, 07/07/2020 - 9:45am

Based on the City Council actions as written in the recent story by the Pen Bay Pilot titled “Rockland works on drafting order for face coverings in outdoor spaces”  maybe the sign on Route1 should read “Welcome to the Soviet Republic of Rockland,” if the City Council passes an order to require face coverings to be worn outdoors. 

According to Councilor Geiger, some fear for their health by coming to downtown Rockland.  Fear of what?  There is no evidence that one should fear for their health.  Fear of something doesn’t mean what is feared is real.  What was it that FDR said?  “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

“Any executive order from the governor is law,” he [City Manager Luttrell] said. “So they need to follow anything that the governor is saying.” 

My belief is that the [mis]use of executive orders is abuse of the separation of powers.  Only the Legislature has the authority to make law.  My understanding is that executive orders only apply to those governing bodies under the authority of the Governor, not to the public at large. 

Councilor Glaser wants the most oppressive order possible when he stated he did not want it “watered down”.  Glaser is also quoted as saying, “I think we all have to wear masks, and this [order] is a tool to make us all wear masks.”  Luttrell, Glaser and Geiger obviously favor despotism (“oppressive absolute power and authority exerted by government” – Merriam-Webster).  

"Of the overall order, Geiger said: “It’s a little more sweeping than I was expecting, but I don’t think it’s wrong. I think this is the current expectation of both the governor and the Maine CDC.”  Not that I agree with Governor Mills handling of this "pandemic', but if Mills wanted everyone wearing masks at all times outdoors she would have had no problem making that clear before this.

In addition, if this order passes, the City Council want the city police to be community activists and social workers.  What a waste of a valuable resource.

Under current social restrictions, Knox County has averaged just two cases of the coronavirus.  If both cases at-large were in Rockland that would be 0.03% of the city population (est. 7,102) or 1 case per 3,551 people.  

Let’s get back to common sense and stop finding new ways to oppress the people of Maine. 


Eric Greiner lives on Spruce Head.