Denise Munger: Why I am running for seat on Rockport Select Board

Sun, 06/02/2019 - 7:45am

While I am running unopposed for Rockport Select Board, I believe it is important for Rockport residents to know something about me, why I am running for Select Board, and why they should vote for me.  I care deeply about Rockport and both its current and future direction. 

As a retired partner in Denver, Colorado’s largest law firm, and with over 30 years of practicing law, I believe that I have skills that will be helpful to the Town and I have the time to devote to the interests and concerns of Rockport residents.

My husband and I moved to Rockport in 2015, having chosen this amazing community as our full-time home after nearly 40 years in Colorado. 

Since then, I have worked behind the scenes with committees and organizations that support Rockport interests, from the Rockport Garden Club with its emphasis on town beautification projects and scholarships to deserving students in the community, to the Library Foundation and its fundraising support for the new Rockport Public Library, as well as the Library Building Committee and the Rockport Beautification Committee. 

During this time, I have been happy to be behind the scenes supporting the work these organizations are doing for Rockport. 

Despite being relatively new to this community I have found many opportunities to be of service to Rockport and believe the Select Board position is another way I can be of service in Rockport.  

Words that describe me include thoughtful, balanced, reasonable, fact-based, open-minded, fiscally responsible, and a good listener.   My approach in decision making is to study the issue and learn the facts, listen to all sides, and work with all affected in reaching a decision that is grounded in the law, common sense and achieves common ground and compromise.  

My goals as a member of the Rockport Select Board would be to plan for and invest in the future of Rockport, keep the Town financially healthy and look for opportunities to enhance the quality of life.  I will work hard for the residents of Rockport and listen to your issues and concerns.  I would consider it an honor and privilege to serve Rockport on the Select Board.  


Denise Kennedy Munger lives in Rockport