Midcoast Athletics

Dec. 5 Busline League basketball results

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 10:15pm

The Busline League continued regular season play for middle school basketball on Wednesday, Dec. 5 across the Midcoast and several local schools were in action. 

Below are the reported scores and statistics from those games. 

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7th Grade Girls Basketball: Medomak 43, Great Salt Bay 8

After the first period, the score was tied 4-4. Medomak held advantages of 20-4 into the halftime break and 33-8 after the third. 

Scoring for Medomak were Kyllie Blake (six points), Kaylee Kurr (two), Eliza Luce (eight), Sara Nelson (six), Eilee Stelzer (six), Olivia Pelkey (seven), Haley Puchalski (four), Ryleigh Rainey (two) and Melissa Fogg (four). 

Scoring for Great Salt Bay were Lucy Fowler (two points) and Lilly Christ (six). 

7th Grade Boys Basketball: Troy Howard 48, Camden-Rockport 36

Troy Howard held quarterly advantages of 24-19, 24-19 and 34-30. 

Scoring for Troy Howard were Ben Osborne (17 points), Eli Veilleux (12), Sam Duvall (one), Cole Castro (two), Curtis Littlefield (four), Ethan Abbott (two), Kaiden Grath (two), Jacob Lindelof (four) and Garry Gale (two). 

Scoring for Camden-Rockport were Griffin Spear (two points), Owen Reynolds (15), Karl Hokkanen (two), Will Duke (13), August Khaube two) and Miles Murray (two). 

8th Grade Boys Basketball: Medomak 60, Great Salt Bay 24

Medomak held quarterly advantages of 18-8, 34-10 and 51-18. 

Scoring for Medomak were Kevin Sincyr (five points), Tucker Holgerson (four), Hayden Staples (six), Blake Morrison (10), Will Cheeseman (four), Wyatt Simmons (four), Gavin Clark (two), Isaac Simmons (three), Finn Parmalee (six), Jaiden Starr (two), Matthew Holbrook (five), Devon Secotte (six) and Ivan Murphy (two). 

Scoring for Great Salt Bay were Lucas Houghton (two points), Isaac Thompson (two), Nolan Gilbert (10) and Jack Duncan (nine). 

8th Grade Girls Basketball: Great Salt Bay 37, Medomak 32

Scoring for Medomak were Addison McCormick (10 points), Emily Prock (four), Madi Simmons (eight) and Quinn Overlock (10). 

Scoring information for Great Salt Bay was not available. 

7th Grade Boys Basketball: Medomak 48, Great Salt Bay 15

Medomak held quarterly advantages of 15-2, 31-6 and 38-11. 

Scoring for Great Salt Bay were Sean Cushing (five points), Jordan Blank (two), Jasper Furnyl (two), Conner Parson (two), Tyler Donahue (two) and Cole Griffin (two).

Scoring for Medomak were Zan Nguyen (18 points), Connor Benner (nine), Slavick Moody (six), Landon Trask (five), Landon Tapley (four), Aaron Reed (four), Sam Moody (two) and Sebastian Smith (two). 

8th Grade Boys Basketball: Troy Howard 63, Camden-Rockport 50

Scoring for Camden-Rockport were Quincy Messer (23 points), Will Smith (12), Lucas Moody (eight), Cam Brown (four), Owen Berez (two) and Liam O’Dwyer (one). 

Scoring information for Troy Howard was not available.