Nov. 6, 2018 referendum

Cushing voters endorse park improvements at the polls

Wed, 11/07/2018 - 10:30am

    CUSHING — When Cushing voters head to the polls on Nov. 6 they will encounter a series of three warrant articles pertaining to improvements in Cushing’s Good Neighbor Park.

    Warrant Art.2.

    To see if the Town will vote to take funds from the Good Neighbor Park Account for a parking area that will accommodate about six cars.  The estimated cost to be $10,000.

    YES: 499

    NO: 245


    Warrant Art. 3.

    To see if the Town will approve placing a 3x3 kiosk at the Good Neighbor Park for posting historic and other information about the park.  There will be no cost.

    YES- 610



    Warrant Art. 4.

    To see if the Town will approve taking funds from the Good Neighbor Park Account for a granite bench to be placed at the park.  The cost not to exceed $1,000.



    The land that would become Good Neighbor Park was accepted by the community of Cushing during their March 2017 town meeting. The gift allows Cushing residents to publicly access the water from the park. 

    The 15-acre waterfront parcel was donated by the late Thelma Dodge and has historically been known as Fales Field, according to a report from the Bangor Daily News.

    According to the same report, Dodge requested that the park be named “Good Neighbor Park.”

    Additionally the deed allows for a small parking area on the site as well as structures suitable for  a park such as picnic tables and benches.

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