Crystal Robinson supports our Constitution, wants to put Maine citizens first

Mon, 09/12/2022 - 7:15pm

I am writing to let Maine residents know some votes that “independent” State Representative Bill Pleuker from Warren has made. He is a nice enough person and I have no ill will against him. However, when I saw how he has voted and I was very disappointed and totally disagree with him. Here are a couple examples.

Bill voted to give cash and food stamps to non-citizens and/or illegal immigrants and also to give them welfare. This is at our taxpayer’s expense.

If an immigrant comes to Maine legally and is going through the proper process to acquire citizenship legally, that is one thing, but with the Southern Border being wide open to all the illegal immigrants and drug cartels then this is wrong.

It seems that Bill cares more about the non-citizens than the Maine residents that have worked hard to live and pay their fair share to the state. We need to help Maine residents, Maine elderly living on fixed incomes and Maine Veterans first and foremost.

He has voted two times to give welfare and cash to illegals. With all the drugs coming in across the open southern border and streaming into Maine and our children dying of these drugs, I ask, why did Bill vote to provide legal injection sites here in Maine?

We should be using our tax money to help with law enforcement and treatment centers to help combat this drug epidemic not give them a place to shoot up. I have had family members struggling with drug addition and suicide. Why should we provide a place for then to do this, doesn’t feel right.

One other vote that Bill made was to have court appointed lawyers for dogs, a true story, Bill actually voted to make the State of Maine provide court appointed lawyers for dogs. Look up LD 1442, Roll call 238 . You can look up voting records here.

My vote on November 8 will be for Crystal Robinson. She supports our Constitution, she wants to put Maine citizens first, protect our rights and freedom, and to be just and fair.

She is running to be the new house representative for District 44, which is Warren, Hope and Union. Thank you.

Pat Weaver lives in Warren