Costumed canines strut their stuff in Wienerfest’s costume contest

Mon, 09/09/2019 - 1:15pm

BELFAST — There was no shortage of smiling faces and stubby legs as 32 of the dachshunds in attendance at the sixteenth annual Maine Wienerfest, as dressed-up doxies showed off in front of a crowd.

The event, the Canine Costume Contest at Doxie Arena, took place at Steamboat Landing Sept. 8. 

Costumed competitors could be seen all day, though only the first 32 registered were allowed to participate in the costume contest.

Some of the costumes included a Tom Brady jersey, a homemade bee costume, a lobster, spider, dragon, taco, and hotdog, among many others.  

The winner of this year’s costume contest was Franklin, who lives in Rockland with his human David Butler. Franklin was dressed as a tuba-toting scuba diver, dubbed a ‘tuba diver.’ 

Butler said he and Franklin have been coming to Wienerfest roughly five years, and Franklin was also named winner of the Canine Costume Contest last year. 

“He was a turtle with a racing helmet,” he said. 

As Butler made his way from the tent a small crowd formed to take photos of the winning canine and his human companion.

Other events held during Wienerfest included a Grand Parade, raffle draw, and Doxie Derby.

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