Camden-Rockport Elementary School 2020-2021 Student Award recipients

Fri, 06/18/2021 - 6:15pm
ROCKPORT — Camden-Rockport Elementary School announces this year's Student Award recipients in the following categories:
Citizenship:  Students who have consistently demonstrated the CRES Core Values of Kindness, Grit, Responsibility, and Self-Control.
Perseverance:  Students who have given their best effort throughout the year, even when learning was hard.
Kindness:  Students who have demonstrated respectful behavior and are an exemplar to peers of how we treat others. 

4th Grade 

Ada Bok, Citizenship 

Julia Hart, Citizenship 

Maximus Dishner, Citizenship 

Tyrone Brown, Perseverance 

Elathia Latterner, Perseverance 

Lucas Tibbetts, Perseverance 

Penelope Weiss, Perseverance 

Jack Christie, Perseverance 

Lilliana Paradiso, Perseverance 

Logan Snyder, Strong Finish

Salvatore Devita, Growth


3rd Grade 

Everett Dugal, Citizenship 

George Johns, Citizenship

Hannah Kohlstrom, Citizenship 

Addien Landfair, Citizenship 

Emma Leeper, Citizenship

Cole Casas, Perseverance

Gavin Davis, Perseverance

Helena Strong, Perseverance

Cooper Perez, Growth

Austin Gray, Most Improved in Reading

Elizabeth Duswald, Donna Green King Scholarship


Elizabeth Fernald, Citizenship

Ryan Rothwell, Citizenship

Garrett Gray, Perseverance

Mason McKellar-Jones, Perseverance 


2nd Grade 

Mackenzie Farrell, Citizenship 

Santino Porco-Burman, Citizenship 

Makayla Russell, Citizenship 

Cassidy Seely, Citizenship 

Eliza Smith, Citizenship 

Jameson Carrier, Perseverance 

Miah Seekins, Perseverance 

Caitlin Clemens, Kindness

Lucas McCafferty, Kindness

Kaitlin Sylvester, Kindness

Midge Walker, Kindness

Anna Hunt, Creativity


1st Grade 

Logan Atwood, Citizenship 

Avery Barbour, Citizenship 

Evelyn Caguana, Citizenship 

Lorelai Crosslin, Citizenship 

Makenzie Nelson, Citizenship 

Kai Richman, Citizenship 

Reese Roling, Citizenship 

Grace McGillivary, Kindness



Hannah Archer, Citizenship 

Aiden-Jax Doherty, Citizenship 

Desmond Horty, Citizenship

Sebastian Knause, Citizenship 

Spencer Mandy, Citizenship 

Brady McIntyre, Citizenship 

Silas Barnes, Perseverance

Alyson Caguana, Perseverance

Maxwell Lusca, Perseverance

Cody Reynolds, Perseverance

Emily Singer, Perseverance