The 5th annual ‘Stache Bash drew hundreds to Trackside Saturday night

Bring the facial hair, they’ll throw the party

Mon, 03/31/2014 - 9:30am

    ROCKLAND — With the winter we’ve had, sometimes you just need to let your freak face flag fly. That’s what happened Saturday night, when saucy party planners Hot Pink Flannel threw their fifth annual ‘Stache Bash honoring the art of the mustache. Whether your face was baby smooth or you were rocking the Salvador Dali, Trackside Station in Rockland was the place to be. Hundreds came out in 1980s costumes with painted, glued on and real mustaches to dance to the 1980s cover band, Destroy Them My Robots.

    The black-lit environment illuminated decorations of hot pink paper mustaches everywhere throughout the establishment while silver paper mache mini robots lined the demi walls, as if looking down upon the crowd. At a pivotal moment, Robot Overlord Jared Paradee came out through the crowd in his epic robot costume while the band played Styx’s Mr. Roboto, naturally. It was uncertain, if, afterward, anyone fell into an obedient trance or was incinerated.

    For more fun photos of the event, check out our gallery: 'Stache Bash brings out the mustachioed March 29.

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