Belfast students enjoy sea trial of underwater remote vehicle

Thu, 08/13/2020 - 5:00pm

BELFAST — Belfast Area High School students Tommy Littlefield and Jonah Lovejoy joined veteran ROV pilot student Sawyer Carson and Marine Studies instructors Dave Thomas and Chip Lagerbom aboard local Bob Winslow's boat for another sea trial of the FIFISH V6 ROV underwater remote vehicle.

Goals for the team this experience included fine-tuning ROV launching/handling/retrieval capabilities and working on compass coordinates, locating moorings and identifying marine life.

One capability practiced was with the VR google headset which allows the ROV to move as one moves their head rather than by the controller.

The team was even able to practice disengaging maneuvers when the tether became snagged.

Lots of marine life was recorded (a 'best of' Sea Trial #2 video is being prepared) and most exciting, a swarm of Menhaden or pogies appeared easily seen from the surface and the FIFISH maneuvered right in amongst them, the students were able to get some great video of the numerous decent-sized school of fish.

The ROV was funded by a grant from the Perloff Family Foundation and is one of the tools available to students in the Marine Studies class offered at Belfast Area High School.


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