Letter to the editor: Kay Zegel

Belfast Free Library launches annual appeal

Sat, 10/17/2020 - 8:30pm

The Belfast Free Library is currently launching its Annual Appeal.  The outcome of this important event will help shape the library’s financial integrity and relevance for the upcoming year.

Throughout the pandemic, the library has continued to play an essential role for the community by offering digital resources, virtual programs for all ages, online storytimes, and more recently in-person access to the library’s resources.  The library’s staff have been tenacious in their dedication to serving the community during this challenging period.

Your support is critical at a time when library funding from the City has been cut. Remember...strong, healthy libraries build strong, healthy communities.  Please ensure that the Belfast Free Library does not just survive.  Rather, take part in making it thrive.

Watch for your Annual Appeal letter in the mail or give online at www.belfastlibrary.org or visit the library.  

Thank you for valuing the library.


Kay Zegel is president of the Belfast Free Library Board of Trustees