Animal control ordinance, carbon emissions resolution highlight Appleton town meeting slate

Wed, 04/28/2021 - 12:15pm

    APPLETON — The annual town meeting for the Town of Appleton will be held Tuesday, June 8 at the Appleton Fire Station. 

    All articles will be voted on by secret ballot with polls open June 8 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

    There are two Select Board seats open and three candidates: Marci Moody Blakely, Scott K. Esancy, and John C. Fenner

    There are two AVS School Board seats open and two candidates: Elizabeth Grierson, Stephen Wadsworth

    There is one seat on the Five Town CSD School Board, though no papers were returned. 

    There are two regular planning board member positions and two associate planning board member positions available, but no papers were returned.

    In addition to seeking approval from voters related to municipal expenses and funding, key warrant articles include the following. Click here to view the complete town meeting warrant in its entirety. 

    Article 26: To see if the Town will authorize the Select Board to enter into an agreement with Central Maine Power Co. for LED streetlights

    Article 28: Shall the ordinance entitled Town of Appleton Animal Control Ordinance be adopted as proposed by the Select Board? Click here for the proposed ordinance. 

    Article 29: Shall the town authorize the Select Board, on behalf of the Town, to transfer all funds the Town holds for the Norman and Mary Clark Scholarship Fund to Camden Hills Regional High School solely for the purposes of administering and investing the scholarship funds, and appoint the School Committee of the Appleton Village School to decide each spring whether to award the scholarship, who will receive any scholarship awarded, and the amount of the scholarship in accordance with the will of Mary Clark that established the scholarship? 

    Article 30: Shall the resolution on carbon emissions be approved by the Town of Appleton? 

    To see if the town will authorize the Board of Selectmen to convey to Appleton’s state legislators, Members of Congress, Governor, and President of the United States that the town hereby calls upon our Federal elected representatives to enact carbon-pricing legislation to protect Maine from the costs and environmental risks of continued climate inaction. To protect households, we support Cash-Back Carbon Pricing that charges fossil fuel producers for their carbon pollution and rebates the money collected to all residents on an equal basis with monthly dividend checks.