The Month of July: A Sabbatical month of rest

Fri, 06/30/2023 - 11:00am


   July is the seventh month of the year. Morningstar Ministries embrace this as a Sabbatical month of rest. They tell their people to find another Church to attend during this time. Interestingly, when they resume services again in August, the size of their congregation has grown. The ministers return refreshed by the Lord with testimonies of encounters with heaven. Overall, the ministry of Morningstar is propelled to another spiritual level. Honoring a Sabbatical time for rest to refrain from our labors, releases divine favor, prosperity, and blessings.

    I too am taking the month of July off. By resting, I don’t mean refraining from all activity, but to devote my time to draw closer to the Lord. A time to seek His face, to know His voice better, to hear His heart and be refreshed by His Spirit.

     Isaiah 58:13 tells us the Sabbath is the time to delight in the Lord and honor Him, The Lord is our Sabbath. In Him we find rest. The call of every believer is to cease from doing our own works to enter into His rest (He.4:8-11).  As Jesus said at Calvary, “It is finished” (John 19:30).  There is nothing more to do for He did it all. To operate in our own strength being anxious to keep things afloat, is to say that the power of the Cross is not enough. Sadly, many leaders are too busy engaging in the work of ministry, to find the rest that is theirs in Christ.  

     It is from the place of abiding in Him, refraining from doing good works for Him that we are empowered by His presence to do all things with Him. It is from our rest in Christ, the place of His presence that we are able to know what the Father is saying, and see the works the Father is doing. This was the model of Jesus who revealed to us the pathway for anointed supernatural ministry. (John 5:19-20) As we do that which we see the Father doing, speaking the Father’s words, the Lord works with us confirming the word with signs following (Mark 16:20).

   For many years I did the work of ministry for the Lord, instead of with the Lord. It was performance oriented based on my call, expectation, and perceived responsibility, rather than the anointing. Human strength, our beliefs, and tradition, logical reasoning, emotional feelings, and even our zeal, can hinder the work of the Lord.  Because of His grace, God will always bless the people through our endeavors, but the Lord will only move in the power and demonstration of the Spirit through those who abide in His presence- the place of rest.

      It is my desire this July to draw ever closer to Him. To go forth with more of the Fathers heart that reveals His love. There is an outpouring of fire coming, the Spirit of glory that testifies of Christ power, and resurrection. Like the fire of Moses burning bush, many are called to be carrier of His fire: burning ones that go forth with a voice that reveal His glory in the power and demonstration of the Spirit.  Now is the time to prepare.  See you in August. 

  In His heart and love – Roy Roden