‘You can’t have a million dollar dream on a minimum wage work ethic’

Local Maine Maritime Academy basketball players discuss college life, lend perspective

Tue, 05/22/2018 - 5:00pm

CASTINE — Three basketball players on the rosters at Maine Maritime Academy spent their high school careers in the Midcoast. 

Below are the interviews with each of the local alums — Nick Judge, Nicholas DePatsy and Melinda Ogden — who played basketball at Maine Maritime Academy. 

The purpose of these interviews was to see what each of them have learned, and what advice they might have for current Midcoast high school student-athletes.

Judge is a six-foot senior forward who graduated from Oceanside High School. The Cushing native was a marine engineering technology major. Judge appeared in 24 games this season, starting in 14 of them, and collected 178 points in 525 minutes. 

DePatsy is a six-foot-three sophomore forward who graduated from Medomak Valley. The Waldoboro native is an international business and logistics major. DePatsy appeared in 25 games, starting in each of them, and collected 312 points in 800 minutes. 

Ogden is a five-foot-seven sophomore guard who graduated from Searsport. The Searsport native is an international business and logistics major. Ogden appeared in 28 games this season, starting in each of them, and collected 257 points in 762 minutes. 

On the men’s side, Maine Maritime finished with a 5-20 record. On the women’s side, Maine Maritime finished with a 20-8 record and a loss in its conference championship. 


What was it that made you want to play for Maine Maritime?

Judge: Maine Maritime was my first choice for school, so being able to play here was just a bonus for me.

DePatsy: I wanted to go to a school that would prepare me for a great future, and to be able to play basketball is just an added bonus. At Maine Maritime I knew that I would be receiving a great education and playing basketball in a competitive league. 

Ogden: The end goal is not just to be a good basketball player. Bettering yourself as a student, soon to be employee, and just as a person was what mattered most. That mission is what made me want to play for Maine Maritime.


What was your favorite sports-related memory from high school? 

Judge: Winning the KVAC championship and going 16-2 senior year.

DePatsy: My favorite sports related memory from high school was winning two regional finals in basketball my freshmen and junior years and scoring a 1,000 points. 

Ogden: Scoring 1,000 points my senior year.


What are your personal goals in the classroom? 

Judge: Do as best that I possibly can so that I can succeed in my profession.

DePatsy: Some personal goals I have within the classroom is to do well in all my classes, ask questions, and be engaged in all classroom conversations. 

Ogden: To maintain As throughout each class and focus on progression rather than perfection.


What are your personal goals on the court? 

Judge: Play hard and make a difference every night and make my teammates better.

DePatsy: Some personal goals I have on the court is to be as consistent as I can be at all times, and to push and challenge my teammates for the betterment of the team.

Ogden: To be the hardest worker, improve all aspects of my game, lead by example.


What are your post-college plans? 

Judge: Sail as a [third] engineer and eventually upgrade to [second], [first], and then Chief Engineer.

DePatsy: My post college plans are to use my great education and resources I will acquire will attending MMA and get a job within the logistics field. 

Ogden: Hopefully work with a company in the state of Maine [and] pursue coaching basketball with younger kids.


What advice do you have to other Midcoast Mainers looking to play collegiate sports? 

Judge: Just like high school sports, [four] years of college sports flies by. Cherish each day you get to put your jersey on. Stay ahead in the classroom, you travel much greater distances to play and for a longer periods of time. Get to know your professors and they will help you out a ton.

DePatsy: Being able to play collegiate sports is something you shouldn’t take for granted. If you want to play in college work on your game as much as possible, because the competition in NCAA athletics is unbelievable no matter the level. 

Ogden: Be ready to work hard and enjoy the opportunities given as it is not everyday that student athletes are able to play at the next level.


How did you end up a basketball player? What drew you to the sport?

Judge: I started playing late compared to all my friends. They all begged me to try out for the teams so I did. When I finally tried it I fell in love with the competition and the enjoyment of 1 on 1 battles.

DePatsy: Basketball has always been a huge part of my life ever since I could walk. My dad has been a varsity coach in the state for 26 years, so by attending his games and having him as a resource to better my skills has been an influential part of my basketball career.

Ogden: At four years old my parents signed me up for gymnastics, after three weeks of no progress my father decided maybe basketball would be a better fit and surely it was. Basketball eventually consumed every ounce of my time for the fact that I loved all aspects of the game: competing, shooting, handling the ball, and even defense.


What is your favorite thing to do when in Midcoast Maine? 

Judge: Get together with friends, make Wasses trips, and play pickup at the Rec. 

DePatsy: My favorite thing to do in Midcoast Maine is to eat at Moody’s Diner followed by an ice cream at Dorman’s. 

Ogden: Paddleboarding, hiking, and enjoying some lobster.


What is your favorite way to spend your down time? 

Judge: Play with my dog Kaya and spend time with my girlfriend Lilah.

DePatsy: With friends and family. 

Ogden: Cooking and [playing] board games.


What is your favorite quote? 

Judge: “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”  ~ Vince Lombardi

DePatsy: “Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.” ~ John Wooden

Ogden: “You can’t have a million dollar dream on a minimum wage work ethic.” ~ Stephen C. Hogan


What is one thing that motivates you or inspires you in life? 

Judge: Growing up with hard working parents motivated me to get a good education so that I can take care of them like they took care of me. Despite their hardships they always found a way to support my brother and I in our athletics and in life.

DePatsy: One thing that motivates me is my future. By working hard now will make my future a lot easier and more enjoyable. That goes for my education and sports career. 

Ogden: Accomplishing what people said I couldn’t do.


What is one place you hope to travel to one day that you have yet to visit? 

Judge: Italy and Greece are places I hope to visit one day. Hopefully my career can take me to these places.

DePatsy: One place I would love to travel to would be Italy. 

Ogden: Hawaii. 


What do you believe is your greatest accomplishment in life?

Judge: When I graduate I’ll be the first of my family to get a college degree. Along with this, passing my Coast Guard exams first try and becoming a licensed engineer are my greatest accomplishments.

DePatsy: Hopefully I have many more great accomplishes to come, but the greatest one so far has been my great basketball career I achieved playing at Medomak. Playing in two state games, scoring over 1,000 points, and setting multiple school records has been something I will never forget. 

Ogden: Becoming a mariner. 

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